Texas tax: Tax credits help businesses pack light

2022-06-06 0 By

Dezhou Evening News full media reporter Zheng Naichun correspondent Zhang Qingqing Li Junyi Lv Boru as this year’s new combined tax support policy highlight, the government work report clearly in the annual 1.5 trillion yuan of VALUE-ADDED tax rebate to remain in April to implement.After the announcement was released, the Dezhou Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation carefully sorted out a series of preferential policies for enterprises, took the initiative to publicize and provide detailed guidance to ensure that preferential policies for taxes and fees can be enjoyed quickly and help enterprises reduce their burden.”This year, the company’s new DR/CT medical mold manufacturing and component production projects have been started. The construction cycle of large projects is long and the capital investment is large, which increases the company’s capital demand, while the tax credit will occupy a large amount of investment funds, forming a large capital gap in a short period.”Zhu Jianguang, financial director of Dezhou Hailida Molding Co., LTD., said excitedly, “After the introduction of this policy, enterprises are expected to enjoy 2.6 million yuan of retained tax rebates, which has brought solid real money and silver for our development.”Dezhou Hailida Molding Co., Ltd. is one of the few SMC/BMC mold research and development, design, product OEM and other services of the manufacturers.Zhu Jianguo said that he knew that innovation is one of the key factors for the sustainable development of the enterprise, so he invested a lot of money in technological innovation, product research and development, high-tech personnel training and other aspects every year, which accounted for 10% of the total sales. A large amount of investment in RESEARCH and development brought a lot of financial pressure to the enterprise.After the taxation Bureau of Dezhou Canal Economic Development Zone in Shandong Province of the State Administration of Taxation learned about the situation of the enterprise, it immediately set up a special group of business guidance to carry out “one-to-one” service in the whole process, closely connected with the links before and after, and smooth the “last mile” of the implementation of tax preferential policies.”After receiving the policy guidance from the Tax Bureau, the company is expected to enjoy a tax rebate of RMB 3.4543 million this year, which will provide financial guarantee for the company to achieve new breakthroughs in research patents.”Shandong rich road warrior automobile Co., Ltd. financial director Jiang Yan said while accounting.The company is a new energy vehicle research and development, testing, sales of high-tech enterprises.After the tax rebate announcement was released, the Lingcheng District Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation got in touch with the enterprise for the first time, and carried out detailed publicity and guidance for the enterprise.To this end, Lingcheng District Tax Bureau selected 326 enterprises with tax rebate eligibility, targeted to carry out a number of rounds of publicity counseling answering questions.Tax officials push the guidance of new combined tax and fee reduction policies by means of Dingdinggroup and wechat group, dynamically optimize and perfect the policy knowledge base according to hot issues, so as to facilitate taxpayers to know and consult policies most directly.”Thanks to the 1.620,700 yuan of VALUE-ADDED tax retained as tax rebate last year, the company built a new three-workshop corn chip production line and continuously increased the development and investment of new products.At present, the company is expected to enjoy a tax refund of 2.53 million yuan, which strengthens the confidence of enterprises to overcome difficulties in the face of the epidemic.”Li Runzhi, financial director of Texas Wugu Food Science and Technology Co., LTD., said the heart moved.In order to effectively implement the policy of withholding tax and refund, the Ningjin County Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation strengthened communication and docking with local financial departments and promptly held a symposium on the implementation of the policy of withholding tax and refund.NingJin County revenue, meanwhile, set up tax cuts designed class, the first time through tax big data filter conform to the related tax preferential policies, and policy advocacy and clear reply caliber, timely through ShuiQi WeChat group, via “tax” hotline interactive platform is introduced for tax rebate policy content and filing formalities and refund process, export refund in a timely manner to provide more convenient to the taxpayers.The next step, Dezhou Tax Bureau will combine the “convenient tax spring breeze action” and tax publicity month to carry out all-round publicity and guidance, promote preferential enterprise policy should enjoy, should enjoy fast, help enterprises to travel light, healthy development.