Luoyang treatment of vitiligo specialist hospital: hands and feet got vitiligo to surgery

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Luoyang hospital for the treatment of vitiligo: hands and feet have vitiligo to operate?Vitiligo on the hands and feet, the disease is complex, difficult to treat, treatment often takes some time, we all hope to find a quick method.In fact, there are many treatments for vitiligo, surgical therapy is a common one, and the treatment effect is also good.Did hands and feet place get vitiligo to want an operation?Can hands and feet vitiligo operate?The expert emphasizes, white spot treatment method is very many, the operation is only one of them, and different patient condition is different, the treatment method is different naturally.Surgical treatment of vitiligo is very concerned, the patient’s friends think that it takes effect quickly, to meet their “” treatment needs.But surgery is not for everyone.Generally more suitable for limited, stable vitiligo.If the progression of blind use, may stimulate the spread of the disease.In general, the incidence of vitiligo in hands and feet is special, and there are more capillaries. During the treatment of leuplakia, surgery is not suitable for treatment.In fact, whether it is vitiligo of hands and feet or other parts of the vitiligo, should adhere to the principle of personalized treatment.The use of surgical treatment should also be determined according to the etiology, condition and individual conditions of vitiligo.Therefore, suffering from vitiligo disease, can not take it for granted to choose the treatment method, but need to grasp the specific condition in time, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis, and then develop a treatment plan, and then treat.Patients should not blindly treat, if the patient does not find a regular professional hospital for systematic cause detection, blindly use drug treatment, not only can not cure the disease, but also develop drug resistance, over time will become dependent on drugs.In general, for the treatment of vitiligo disease, even if it is suitable for surgical therapy, it is not recommended to use only one method, but to choose comprehensive therapy for treatment according to the condition.Vitiligo is not only a white spot on the skin, but also related to the internal environment, such as viscera, blood and immunity.Traditional Chinese medicine treatment “to treat its outside must first treat its inside, to treat its inside must first treat its root”, a single treatment method is often difficult to solve the fundamental problem of vitiligo.Therefore, it is suggested to combine traditional Chinese medicine with medicine.Vitiligo treatment must first of all the body internal environment conditioning.This is like planting trees, first of all to improve the soil, often watered, if the water and nutrition is insufficient, can only be a dead tree, hands and feet got vitiligo surgery?Luoyang vitiligo treatment hospital warm tips: the above is about the introduction of vitiligo surgery.Although vitiligo treatment is difficult, but there are many treatment methods, do not choose at will.Personalized, from the inside to the outside treatment can better overcome vitiligo.Patients with vitiligo can consult their doctors if they have other problems.