Cross-country old gun spiritual leader in the heart, the city is also low fuel consumption, real found

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At present, the domestic luxury SUV market competition is quite fierce, more automobile manufacturers are trying to expand market segments, Land Rover SUV market performance is very good, its many models have good off-road capability.At present, Land Rover Discovery models can get high attention, and its appearance design is relatively trendy.Let’s take a look at the performance of this car.Land Rover Discovery 2021 300PS S, guide price of 6898-837,800 yuan.In terms of the exterior design, Land Rover Discovery has adopted a new headlight set, while the internal light cavity has been adjusted and LED light strips have been used to make the vehicle more stylish.In addition, the new air intake grille mesh has been replaced to highlight the unique characteristics of the Land Rover Discovery family.The rear part and taillight group have also changed the internal light cavity structure, and the new LED light band looks much simpler.Coming to the side, the Body size of the Land Rover Discovery is 4956/2073/1888mm, with a wheelbase of 2923mm and front and rear tyres of 255/55 R20.In the rear, Land Rover found that the rear of the car looks quite hard feeling, the rear of the car through a large number of flat line design, highlighting the strong atmosphere.As for the interior, land Rover Discovery’s central control screen has been upgraded to an 11.4-inch Pivi Pro entertainment information system, bringing a more intelligent driving experience.In addition, the new car in the control of the two-color sewing, more luxurious feeling.It is worth mentioning that the new car also replaced the four-spoke steering wheel similar to the all-new Guard, while the new electronic gear lever also enhances the technological atmosphere of the carriage.Land Rover Discovery leather steering wheel uses a four-spoke design, which looks more generic and comes with a standard 4-way electric steering wheel adjustment.In addition, the car instrument used a full LCD design, cool, full sense of science and technology.In terms of seats, the 2021 300PS S seat is wrapped in leather material, which is not bad for comfort.The front seats support the functions of seat heating and electric adjustment, and the basic equipment is relatively complete.Land Rover Discovery is equipped with rear head airbag, rear air outlet, rear independent air conditioning.After the second discharge, the space is relatively well-off, and the third row is also more general in the space, which is only suitable for short distance rides.In terms of power, the 2021 300PS S is equipped with a 2.0t four-cylinder turbocharged PT204 engine with a maximum power of 300 HP and peak torque of 400 N · m. It is matched with an 8AT transmission and has an official 0-100km/h acceleration of 7.3s.Comments: Find the power performance becomes one of the highlights of this car can not be ignored, if the pursuit of extreme handling and acceleration pleasure, can pay more attention to it.Overall, the car in the appearance, interior, power aspects can find fault with the place is not much, can well meet the needs of the family.Overall performance, this model is not bad.