Traffic police rush to the rescue during the Safe Spring Festival Transportation

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On January 27, Traffic police Yang Guang, Hang Peng and Zhang Tao of Hainan Brigade of Wuhai Traffic Management Detachment found a fire inside the carriage of a light ordinary truck coming from east to west along Bayan Usu Street, while the driver seemed to be unaware of it and continued to drive the vehicle.In the face of emergency, three people quickly get on the car to follow disposal.At the prompt of the police car, the burning vehicle slowed down and stopped. At this time, the fire had further expanded, and the fuel tank of the truck was under the ignition point, and there was no fire protection facilities nearby, so it was very likely to be dangerous.The three on duty quickly organized the separation of people and vehicles, evacuated people, closed the road, controlled the scene, and called for fire support.Yang Guang and others carefully removed the burning items from the carriage, and later firefighters came quickly to put out the fire.It is understood that the carriage is carrying bedding and other daily necessities, unknown cause caused the fire.The effective disposal of traffic police prevented the expansion of the situation and protected the safety of people’s lives and property.Traffic police tip: dry winter, many items easily due to bumping friction static electricity, resulting in fire risk.Please do not take inflammable and explosive dangerous goods on board the bus when you are going home, and arrange your personal luggage properly.S deepening traffic humanization law enforcement for the people “pipes” reform melancholy s drunk driving is checked, the driver “staged” fancy “fake” s live over the Mid-Autumn festival Both Inner Mongolia | have security more reunions ▎ sources: wuhai city public security bureau traffic detachment brigade ▎ tong – agent: hainan YongFei contribute ▎, ▎