Shanghainese welcome the god of wealth on New Year’s Day

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Happy New Year On the fifth day of the first lunar month, there are “receive the god of wealth”, receive the “five road god of wealth” (the so-called five road, refers to the east, west, north and south, meaning out of the five road, you can get money) “” receive the head god” folk custom.The custom of receiving the god of wealth first appeared in businesses in Shanghai.Let’s see how the early merchants welcome the god of wealth!Store to receive the god of wealth ceremony, in the fourth night of the layout of items, the fifth morning to welcome the god of wealth.Generally, merchants hang five pieces of paper of the god of wealth in the middle of the house, and hang paper lanterns on the left and right sides of the shop front. The lanterns are affixed with the brand number of the shop. On the sacrificial table are embroidered red silk tables, which offer three sacrifices (pork, chicken and fish) or five sacrifices (beef and sheep’s feet are added).Fish is golden carp, “carp” for “li” homonym, called “ingot fish”;Chickens with female chickens, take its eggs, to get “can get gold” mantra;Meat with fresh meat, means “fat (profit) today.”Also with frozen chicken blood drawn into the shape of a definite victory, called “ingot”;Or make ingot with powder, call “sugar ingot”, in order to get “attract wealth and treasure” mouth color.There will live carp in the tank, known as the “live ingot”, the second day after the worship of the god of wealth, the fish will be put in the Huangpu River, or put in the City God temple Yu Garden nine-winding bridge lotus flower pool, the metaphor of ingot like water flow in.Some businesses, the eggs dyed purple or bright red, called “dyed ingot eggs”, yu shows that “if the chicken eggs, ingot”.Xiaohong reminded that fireworks are banned in some areas of Shanghai’s outer ring road and outside the outer ring road.Source: Shanghai