In 1950, gong Delin, a war criminal, wrote 60,000 words to win the war and was pardoned in advance after his meritorious service

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During the Republic of China, the KMT was the dominant rival to the Chinese Communist Party, which persecuted Chinese Communists and collaborated with foreign powers to suppress patriotic movements.In spite of this, the Kuomintang was not without success and made outstanding contributions to the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. We should not erase the efforts made by the Kuomintang during the war.After the founding of The People’s Republic of China, the United States army kept harassing and threatening our country in a vain attempt to invade China, so it launched the invasion of Korea.China is not easy to bully, MAO Zedong and other central leaders after careful consideration, sent troops to aid Korea, began the war of resistance to the United States and Aid Korea.One of them, a kuomintang war criminal, wrote a magic weapon for the Victory of the Chinese volunteers.The Chinese Communist Party saw the contribution of the Kuomintang war criminal, so he was pardoned.The kuomintang war criminal who was pardoned was wu Shaozhou, who was arrested by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Liberation and became a war criminal of the Kuomintang after the founding of The People’s Republic of China.Wu Shaozhou’s father is a very hard-working man, his father is very capable, while planting the field, while running shops, the family income is very stable.Wu shaozhou lost his mother when he was young, and his father soon married him a stepmother.Although this was his stepmother, he was also very kind to him. His father was also a sensible man and never left him alone because of his mother’s death and married another woman. Wu Shaozhou was also sent to school.During his study, Wu Shaozhou was deeply influenced by various ideas. The May 4th Movement called on students to emancipate their minds and pursue democracy and freedom. Wu Shaozhou was called on by the May 4th Movement and wanted to serve the country.Wu Shaozhou’s ambition was not just talk about it, but he really did it. Wu Shaozhou was admitted to Guizhou Xuewu Hall with excellent grades and began to systematically study military theory.Wu Shaozhou is very hard in the martial arts hall, every day hard training, learning, under his efforts, he also got excellent grades, in graduation, his grades are among the best.Wu Shaozhou was assigned to the Qian Army for probation, just a year, he became a platoon leader, organized training orderly, promoted to battalion commander.In 1932, a general led by the new fourth army troops to envelop, in this crisis, Wu Shao frequency his men to rescue a general, under Wu Shaozhou and subordinate’s valiant efforts, successfully saved a general, a general and therefore very grateful Wu Shaozhou, to Wu Shaozhou is very valued, considerate and recommend Wu Shao nanjing higher education classes to learn.Wu Shaozhou was also very down-to-earth and studious. He studied military affairs patiently in the education class and got good grades. After the education class, he was sent to serve as the chief of staff.Japan launched a comprehensive war of aggression against China, the Kuomintang at this time also began to actively respond to the Anti-Japanese War, Wu Shaozhou was sent to guard the southern entrance.Japanese invaders constantly launched a fierce attack on the south mouth, Wu Shaozhou in the face of a large number of enemies calm, they made a large number of weather lights, through the launch of weather lights to confuse the enemy.Using the method of distraction to seize the opportunity to attack the enemy, successfully captured a large number of Japanese troops.Wu shaozhou also took part in a famous battle in the War of Resistance against Japan, the Battle of Taierzhuang, which was a complete victory and caused heavy losses for the Japanese army.After the end of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the cooperation between the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang also broke down, the relationship between the two parties entered a white-hot stage, the liberation War began.In the war of liberation, Wu Shaozhou and Liu Deng army met, Liu Deng army well-trained, has a very high fighting capacity, Wu Shaozhou led the troops lost liu Deng army, Wu Shaozhou was arrested in the war of liberation, wu Shaozhou was not hurt by the Communist Party of China after the arrest, or was sent to the teaching brigade for transformation.After the founding of New China, the United States provoked China, MAO Zedong launched the war to resist the United States and aid Korea, Wu Shaozhou also participated in the war, Wu Shaozhou will learn all the knowledge in the battlefield.He put forward two operational strategies. First, the American army should launch a night attack, since the Chinese People’s Volunteers would be ignored by the American army and their defense at night would be low. If the American army launched an attack at this time, the chances of victory would be greater.Conclusion: the two strategies summarized by Wu Shaozhou have achieved great results on the battlefield.In consideration of wu shaozhou’s outstanding contribution to the war against the United States and aid Korea, the Communist Party of China granted wu shaozhou a special pardon and eliminated his status as a war criminal.Although Wu Shaozhou was a war criminal of the Kuomintang, as long as he made contributions, he would be pardoned. The Communist Party of China attaches great importance to talented people. After resisting the United States and aiding Korea, Wu Shaozhou was pardoned and also held a post in Hunan.