Chinese Costume garden, Martial arts performance…How to play Chinese New Year?Pingtan is all in!

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This year pingtan Spring Festival lively and extraordinary row, Fujian opera, Huangmei opera folk song and dance, customs performance Hanfu garden, rattan gymnastics, Pingtan comment…Tourists enjoy the beauty of Traditional Chinese culture while enjoying a hanfu tour in longwangtou Ocean Park at 10 am on February 4.Not only that, you can also enjoy the energetic street performances, such as hip-hop, singing, Musical Instruments, and feel the unique characteristics of the festival.Mr. Xue from Fuzhou went to the Longwangtou scenic spot with his friends on the same day. He said that the performance held on the spot not only enhanced the beauty of the scenic spot, but also let them feel the enthusiasm of Pingtan.”We just paid attention to pingtan Scenic Spot douyin number, and the staff gave us scenic spot tickets. There is no time limit, I think it is very good, we can use it when we come back in summer.””Mr. Xue said.On the same day, the Dragon Wangtou Scenic Spot Spring Festival cultural activities set up a number of links such as hanfu beauty photography, street performance, gift marketing.Ms. Huang, a tourist, took out her mobile phone to take photos when she saw the hanfu parade.”Hanfu is very beautiful and cultured. I think it’s very beautiful when little girls walk around the scenic area wearing hanfu.””Ms. Huang said.Xiao Juan, manager of the market operation Department of the Experimental area Scenic Spot Operation Management Co., LTD., introduced that the activity was divided into three performances in the morning, noon and evening, including violin performance, hip-hop flash mob and Hanfu performance.”We also invite tourists to wear Hanfu and take photos in the scenic area, in order to attract local citizens from all over the world and pingtan to the Dragon King’s head during the Spring Festival, so that everyone can immerse themselves in pingtan’s Spring Festival here.”XiaoJuan said.In Pingtan Taiwan town, from the first day to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, the cross-strait Intangible Cultural Heritage Activity of “Auspicious Dragon, Blessing tiger, Spring Festival” jointly organized by the experimental area tourism and Culture Bureau and multiple departments is in full swing.On the morning of February 4th, as the main activity day, the bureau of Tourism culture and Sports in the experimental area invited more than ten non-hereditary inheritents of Pingtan nursery rhymes, Tengpai gymnastics, Pingtan Pinghua and so on to hold the “Intangible cultural heritage Welcoming Spring” show.At the scene of the activity, an ancient pingtan folk music “General’s Order” attracted many audiences to stop and take pictures of their mobile phones.Zheng Guanghui, the leader of the group, told reporters that the song “General’s Order” is mainly played with the suona, which was used to greet generals or important meetings in ancient times.”Playing this song today is to add a lively atmosphere for the Spring Festival and let the audience feel the joy of the New Year.I hope you can ride your horses like this song in the New Year.”Zheng guanghui said.”These intangible cultural heritage programs let me have a deeper and more understanding of the origin of Pingtan’s intangible cultural heritage project, but also enhance my awareness of promoting the traditional culture of my hometown.”Mr. Shi said.In addition to the wonderful performances in the main venue, the event also set up a number of “intangible cultural heritage” sub-venues, and provide free local snacks such as Pingtan noodles, fried dumplings, fish balls, so that citizens can enjoy the charm of “intangible cultural heritage” while eating and watching.Among them, DIY umbrella lamp, handmade shell carving, rice paste medicine attracted the attention of many citizens.Handmade shell carving experience with “flat peach longevity” as the theme, carved with shell “flat peach”, collage into a pair of implied longevity shell carving work, let from other places to Pingtan play Mr Guo family is very novel.”My family came to Pingtan to have a look at the scenery and make shell carvings by ourselves. The children were very serious about it for the first time.”Mr. Guo said the family is happy when they do one thing together.Zhang Xiaoping, deputy general manager of the Cross-strait Development Company of Pingtan Free Trade Zone, said that he hoped that through the intangible cultural heritage performance and some small categories of experience projects, so that citizens in the Spring Festival holiday feel thick flavor.It is understood that the “intangible cultural heritage” experience activities will continue until February 7, interested citizens can go to Taiwan town Pingtan Strait folk Art Museum and other places to experience.Fifth at 2:30 in the afternoon of the fourth “still Wu Xiafeng” spring to meet its martial arts festival will be held in pingtan national fitness center zhuang performances such as boxing, 42 type program on the cool look on people throughout the 68 nm long corridor area windmill, windmill punch point and the wave interaction, themes, performing arts bring you feelings of “the wind” the festival atmosphere sea ancient altar and how these activities left left your holidayPlay pingtan has been packaged quickly join it!