As soon as F35 crashes in south China Sea, THE US is in a hurry to deal with China and plans to deploy 7 military aircraft in Japan

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The graph is reapers to stir up regional situation, recently the U.S. aircraft carrier and its sent to the south China sea, the result is lost a stealth aircraft, shortly after the crash F35 south China sea, the United States and Japan conspiring against China, 7 military aircraft emergency deployment to the relevant area, just an accident, the United States is so anxious to deal with China, in order to monitor in periphery area,The U.S. military plans to station seven aircraft in Japan, an apparent show of alliance between the U.S. and Japan in a common fight against China.The graph is reapers recently the United States and Japan security consultative committee was held between the two countries is 2 + 2 meeting, the participants include the Japanese defense minister and us secretary of state, at this meeting, the United States and Japan had further military cooperation between the two countries, decided the new defense agreement signed after the meeting,This represents a closer military relationship between the United States and Japan. As part of the new defense agreement, the United States will also deploy seven new military aircraft to the Japanese Self-defense Force’s Kagaya Air Base, which will be used to counter the Reaper.As a United States began to be developed in the 90 s, the large uavs, “death” have the ability to perform a variety of different tasks, its powerful battlefield surveillance equipment, make it has the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance ability, also can mount more than 1.3 tons of various weapons on the ground or sea targets a deadly blow,When it is unloaded, its maximum limit reaches 15000 meters, and it can avoid a large part of anti-aircraft missile attacks. Even if it is loaded with weapons and ammunition, it can still climb to a height of 9 kilometers, and launch attacks on the enemy from a relatively safe distance.Here to participate in the meeting of the American secretary of state actually deployment of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is not the only decision, the two sides reached the meeting of the meeting according to the United States and Japan obtained as a result, the alliance between the two countries should not only strengthen the existing various kinds of equipment, but also developed a series of more advanced equipment, is used to deal with China and Russia hypersonic weapon development, overall,With the deployment of these drones, there will be a closer military connection between the United States and Japan.In Japan according to the United States, the deployment of the seven drone will will be equipped with more than 100 American troops for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for follow-up maintenance, and use of the 7 planes can fly in the sky for a long time of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the United States to the east China sea for a long time and continuous monitoring, and has been in the east China sea is China’s naval exercises and training of important areas,Therefore, the fundamental purpose of deploying uAVs based on Japanese Self-defense Forces bases is to continuously monitor Chinese vessels and submarines sailing in the East China Sea and spy on Chinese military information.The picture shows MQ9 Reaper drone in the face of the United States this use of drones to spy on intelligence behavior, China is bound to make their own countermeasures, in the past, the United States through drone surveillance on China, China does not have enough countermeasures, so the United States can come and go freely.If now the United States also wants to use drones to military strength has increased substantially in China to see, then China will give us a very deep lesson, rather than military secrets to China to see, the more should do is to resolve the new crown outbreak of inflation and a series of problems, such as,That’s how the American people will live a better life.The writer is nanshu.