Will you be discriminated against when taking the civil servant interview at the age of 34? Will you still be able to take the exam

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There will be no discrimination.My friend has two civil servants who are in their last year at the age of 35.A classmate is 35 years old the last chance to take an examination of, fortunately his birthday is in June, in March held an examination, he took an examination of the township civil servant.Another friend’s daughter-in-law, the child also 4 one full year of life, at the beginning is township business make up, do not promote the opportunity, took an examination of many years of civil servants, is also the last year take an examination of, take an examination of the county radio and Television bureau.As long as you’re not too old, the interviewer won’t be able to tell.Officeholder interview is still very fair, basically still see ability actually, be not to see appearance level.Of course the appearance level is good, and have ability, of course is many people like, give a person comfortable feeling.Civil servant interview does not use age, the examiner knows nothing about you, only can see you are male or female, do not know your age, also do not know your name, so you do not need to worry about age.It’s better to stick to it and not miss every opportunity.Because there is really luck in exams, a bad test this time does not mean a bad test next time.This test of good, but your post has god, you did not go up, but your results to another post, you are on the test.So don’t worry, not missed every opportunity, is a qualified public examinee.Good luck.