What does a tiny cabbage mean when it becomes the treasure of the Taipei Palace Museum?

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Hello, I’m Xuan Ge.Cabbage is a very common vegetable in daily life. Although it seems insignificant, it often appears in jade carving.Cabbage has been loved by the masses since ancient times and can also be seen in major museums.The National Palace Museum in Taipei, for example, has a rare emerald cabbage.It is no exaggeration to say that this jade cabbage can also be called the peak of jade carving techniques in the Qing Dynasty.The jade carver carved the green and white color of the material into the cabbage, and carved two lively insects on the vegetable leaves by hand.The whole meticulous feeling and delicate feeling, not not shocking!Farther north, the Tianjin Museum also has a larger jade cabbage, which Xuan ge prefers to call “frozen Cabbage.”It’s called frozen cabbage because its brown, mottled leaves look like they’ve been frosted.Compared with Taipei’s emerald cabbages, this “frozen cabbage” has a richer color and looks more personalized, and is also known as the treasure of the museum.How can a small cabbage become the treasure of two major museums?In addition to the exquisite technology, nature can not leave the good meaning of cabbage.Let’s take a look at the meaning of cabbage.Although cabbage is cheap when it is sold as a vegetable, it is very expensive once it is used as a carving subject.Because the Chinese cabbage homonym “bai CAI”, has always been gathering wealth, wealth to the meaning.Plus the cabbage is layers of clear, so there are layers of money to see the argument, it can be said is a fortune a big sharp weapon!Although it is a bit vulgar to put the yellow and white things on the surface, people will eventually be haunted by the common things in their whole life.As a common man, it is not wrong to wish for a bonanza.In addition, the clear green and white color of the cabbage also symbolizes purity and purity.Like the jade cabbage was originally the dowry of the concubine (Guangxu Emperor concubine), to some extent, it also implied a clean body, pure and flawless.The two insects are katydids and grasshoppers. Both are good breeding animals and hope to have many children and grandchildren.Back to the cabbage itself, it’s one of farmers’ favorite crops.Because cabbage not only survival rate is high, yield is also very big, an ordinary cabbage also can have several catties of weight.For example, in the north, where the climate is harsh, hundreds of pounds of Chinese cabbage will be packed up during the winter.Even though living standards have improved a lot, there are still many northerners who cannot change the habit of hoarding cabbage.More than any other vegetable, cabbage seems to offer a sense of harvest and hope.Therefore, cabbage is endowed with the good meaning of good harvest and good weather in successive years.So who is suitable to wear jade cabbage?In fact, jadeite cabbage is particularly versatile, almost covering men, women and children of all groups.For businessmen, a cabbage display is no problem, and more elegant than the usual cat.For politicians, cabbage is a symbol of uncorrupted, dedicated to the country for the party for personnel, naturally can be good luck, promotion.I am Xuan ge, pay attention to me, focus on sharing jade dry goods every day!(Image from the Internet, deleted)