Volkswagen’s largest SUV, spacious space, high technology configuration

2022-06-04 0 By

For the local tyrants who are not poor in money, the price of the vehicle is not a problem, the problem is whether it can be seen, but for most people, millions of cars or forget it, a car of 3.5 million is completely acceptable, then the problem comes, is to choose 300,000 or 500,000?Heh heh, this is not a matter, you take out your favorite car after a few comments, you naturally have a result in mind.Pull the environment with German dignified and elegant, high-end atmosphere grade, low-key luxury connotation of the design style, in addition to the more overbearing side leakage appearance, but also reflected in the decorative collocation and LED lighting group perfect fusion.Pull environment and tuang also have a lot of difference, compared to tuang more composed domineer, and pull environment is more young fashion, sense of science and technology is stronger, details send out a higher sense of quality, such as the front face without tuang rough, modeling is more coordinated and flat, and equipped with IQ.Light intelligent matrix headlights, science and technology sense is stronger.In addition, the environment also provides r-line kit version, the appearance will be more sporty sexy.Each headlamp has its own exclusive language, pull environment is no exception, the individual feels its modelling is gentle and have bearing.Pull the engine really overbearing, but overbearing two words seem to be a lot of people with rotten, but really can’t think of a better alternative word.It is also necessary to open the trunk of the environment to see, although the car is 7 seats, but even if the third row was not put down, the trunk into four or five 20 inches of luggage is completely no problem.Co-pilot seat position, electric seat basically belong to the standard, it is worth mentioning that the environment in the passive safety system set up nine airbags, you can think of, including the rear side of the airbag, knee air bag protection.The front row adopts the asymmetric design, the sense of science and technology and the sense of luxury needless to say, the vehicle in the active safety system, including active brake safety system, lane departure warning system, line assistance, fatigue driving reminder and other safety systems and Settings are available.