Tai ‘an Central Hospital “Micro non-invasive treatment Summit Forum” was held successfully

2022-06-04 0 By

On March 12th, the “Micro non-invasive treatment Summit Forum” was successfully held in Tai ‘an Central Hospital. Wang Zhibiao, director of the State Key Laboratory of Ultrasound Medical Engineering, Ni Qingbin, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Tai ‘an Central Hospital, tumor and ultrasound diagnosis and treatment experts and leaders of relevant departments attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Li Hua, director of department of Gynecology of Tai ‘an Central Hospital.Ni Qingbin, on behalf of Tai ‘an Central Hospital, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the experts who have been caring and supporting the development of the hospital for a long time.Warmly welcome to all experts participating online!He said the development of medicine has gone from traditional open major surgery, to minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, and then to non-invasive surgery.It aims to build a micro-non-invasive medical demonstration hospital integrating clinical practice, scientific research and teaching.Wang Zhibiao delivered a congratulatory speech and made an in-depth discussion on the cooperation in the treatment of gynecological diseases and solid tumors with focused ultrasound.At the same time, Tai ‘an Central Hospital was awarded the title of “Cultivation Base of Clinical Application Demonstration Center of Focused Ultrasound Ablation”.Afterwards, the clinical application of high-intensity focused ultrasound in gynecological diseases and solid tumors was discussed in depth by tumor and ultrasound diagnosis and treatment experts and participants.With the development of science and technology, clinical diagnosis and treatment from massive open operation to minimally invasive cavity mirror, and then to high intensity focused ultrasound treatment of noninvasive, every progress bring greater benefits for patients, and the retention and protection of the organs for patients not only eliminates the body pain, also reduced the lack of organs bring patients with trauma,Therefore, the concept of micro-non-invasive therapy will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the update of treatment means will make micro-non-invasive technology benefit more people.In December 2021, Tai ‘an Central Hospital introduced the world’s advanced focused ultrasound ablation treatment equipment — Haifu JC300 focused ultrasound tumor treatment system, which is the fourth in the world and the second in China, and is suitable for benign gynecological diseases.Such as uterine fibroids, adenomyoma, cesarean section scar pregnancy, placenta implantation, abdominal endometriosis and liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, breast tumor, thyroid tumor and other solid tumor treatment.At present, 70 patients have been treated, which has the function of preserving organs and protecting organs in the treatment of diseases, opening a new chapter of tumor treatment from minimally invasive to non-invasive in Tai ‘an Central Hospital.(Correspondents/Zhang LAN and Song Shuai)