After watching “manslaughter 2” just want to shout director, let xiao Yang, don’t manslaughter him

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Article figure source | | supernatural clown yu from network TV series | movies shot 2 film type related | | suspense/crime/affection actor xiao/Janice man/Simon yam/painted painted | u never know watch index being is not being warm prompt | plot involving a large number of revealed at the time of have yet to see profile, part of the audience might have guessed.”Manslaughter 2″ is not supposed to be a sequel to “Manslaughter 1”, but a suspense genre drama about manslaughter.It doesn’t matter. I don’t think the audience really cares.It doesn’t matter if 2 is related to 1 as long as the story itself is good enough.Chou Yu believes that audiences who go to see manslaughter 2.Quite a few of you have been to the screening of Manslaughter 1.Many moviegoers are not so much looking for the same title as Manslaughter 1.More for the buzz of Manslaughter 1 and the anticipation of Manslaughter 2.The story is set in Thailand, where Xiao plays the father, Lin Irang, and Wen yongshan plays the mother, Ah Ling, with whom they have an 8-year-old son.Although the family of three is poor, they have been living in poverty.Until one day, my son suddenly had a seizure and was hospitalized for heart problems.Good can not wait to donate to the son of the heart, get together the money, but was stopped by dignitaries.Desperate, Lin took over the hospital’s emergency room.A desperate fight for his son’s heart.The main thread of the story is not new, a father desperate to save his son.Risking everything to save his son’s life.The story of sacrificing himself for his son.Under the banner of suspense, it tells the core of a tragedy.Such a story, in the past countless Hong Kong wind police film, seems to be always able to capture similar shadow.Even if it’s a similar story, you can tell it well with your heart.Unfortunately, the film is full of suspension, a lot of logic.The opening of this setting, do not know others confused not confused, anyway ugly Yu I was confused.If Lin Didn’t have three heads and six arms, how did he single-handedly abduct an entire E.R. 50, 60 people, even though he had something in his hand.After all, this is not a few decades ago, everyone is willing to be captured, waiting for Lin’s trial.Of course, there could be a reasonable explanation.Lin Is controlled by dozens of people, do not believe that he is the only one here.He was afraid that there were hidden friends in the shadows, waiting for them to strike a fatal blow.Therefore, they dare not use their own only one life, to include themselves and all people to take this risk.At the request of Lin, the reporter who was arranged to go in made a live broadcast for Lin.Then heard live group performers, almost moved to tears.The mob knows who’s in there, a man with equipment who says he’s going to deliver a hostage one hour sideways.Lin’s plight is certainly worthy of sympathy, but shouldn’t the safety of those patients and their families trapped in emergency rooms, terrified, be more of a concern?The movie is punctuated with awkward punchlines.One of the family members, who was supposed to attack the doctor, saw a couple, the woman with a cut on her face.When the man was verbally aggressive, the patient’s family hit him.The man who hates to hit a woman.The man grievance way, that woman dozen man you tube no matter.Then he showed all kinds of scratches and scratches on his chest and back.The woman explained that the injury on her face was caused by her skateboarding.The man looked aggrieved at the patient’s family and was beaten again.The reason is, what kind of man can’t protect his own woman.This ridiculous joke, put somewhere else may be a bright spot.It was a strange and awkward situation in a precarious situation.At first, it was thought that the family of the patient was looking for a chance to escape to create confusion.Turns out he was just trying to avenge his family.If it had not been for that close call, the doctor’s instinct would have saved another patient in a wheelchair.Let the patient’s family find out that the doctor was a good man.At this point, the doctor is two lives apart from the other hostages at the scene.That pretty reporter, she just managed to get in.The information is not shared with the police, played by Simon Yam, who chooses to investigate the incident on his own.The office of the director of the organ donation center, with its poor security.A woman reporter can, with the help of a business card, keep the door unlocked.There’s no password, so anyone can turn it on.When Lin Left the e.R. to find the source of the phone.Everyone else will just sit there and be his hostage.Risking his life to get justice for him.Above all, to say that this is a suspense play, logic BUG with a sieve like.And the film’s only point of view, is this never fade father’s love.In the face of his son’s heart source was robbed, never get back despair.He chose to commit suicide, only to donate his heart to his son and pass on the hope of living.Sad, solemn and stirring.But the scriptwriter probably does not understand medical knowledge completely, even if on the basis of the successful match, Lin And his son height and weight so great disparity.The heart he donated, bug, might not work.The scene in the film that makes Chou Yu shudder the most is when several “angels in white” surround the eight-year-old bug and watch him without doing anything.When I finished manslaughter 2, I was left with questions.Obviously downloaded the national anti-fraud APP, why am I still cheated.I don’t think this is a suspense movie, but with some police and bandits, foreign scandal, warmth, family ethics, filial piety of father and son, and then a mess.After watching “manslaughter 2” just want to shout director, let xiao Yang, don’t manslaughter him.If you have to point out, in this film, it is Lee Chi-Ting who was almost killed by mistake.# Movie commentary #