Too strong!Zhao Xintong eased past Donald Trump 5-1 to reach the final four of the German Masters

2022-06-03 0 By

Zhao Xintong of China takes part in the quarterfinal of the 2022 German Masters snooker tournament against Donald Trump in Berlin, Germany, On Jan 29, 2016. Zhao xintong of China continued her brilliant performance to beat Donald Trump 5-1 to reach the final of the Tournament.Trump, who has won the German Masters two years in a row, had little resistance to advance to the quarterfinals as the defending champion.In the quarterfinals, Trump faced Cho Xintong, the first top16 player Trump faced in the tournament.For Zhao Xintong, as long as their accuracy online, not afraid of any opponent.The first game, Trump long Taiwan does not enter the opportunity to leave, Zhao Xintong single stroke 57 points defense, Trump sloppy solution to leave the opportunity, Zhao Xintong single stroke 39 points to take the first game.The second round, Trump long stage hand, single rod 8 points, frame rod hit miss;Zhao Xintong single shot 57 points, no black ball;Defense competition, Zhao Xintong into the black ball penalty;Donald Trump scored 8 points on a single stroke and 23 points on a single stroke;Zhao Xintong to do the ball, Trump solution to leave the bag mouth, Zhao Xintong single 11 points super points;Finally Zhao xintong hit the coffee ball to win the second set.Zhao third round, Zhao Xintong long tai quasi, single stroke 59 points, the red ball did not enter;Trump recovered 37 points;Zhao xintong loose the ball into the bag, Trump did not enter, Zhao Xintong dizzy into the red hand to win the third game.Zhao Xintong leads 3-0.In the fourth game, Zhao xintong’s single 49, black ball failed, trump several times to recover the set 63-49.In the fifth round, Zhao xintong seized the opportunity to start, single 58 points to win 70-22.Zhao Xintong 4-1 match point.The sixth, Zhao Xintong single rod 52 points, no K out of the opportunity, choose defense;Zhao xintong again hand won the match.