The front page of People’s Daily praised the relocation of the Yellow River beach area in Shandong: Describe the good life of the beach area

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Reporter Hou Linliang Xiao Jiaxin 70-year-old farmer painter MAO Jizhi is famous in Dongming County, Heze City, Shandong Province.Whenever he was free, he walked around with his drawing board on his back, looking for material for his work.The joy of people moving to new houses and the comfort of enjoying life are presented through his brushes.Dongming County is an important area involved in the relocation and construction of Yellow River beach area in Shandong Province.Beach area refers to the area between river channels and embankments, which not only functions as flood discharge, but also as the home of local people’s production and life.”Before, life was hard. I could not live steadily in the beach area.”MAO jizhi recalled.In 2017, Shandong province launched a project to remove people from poverty and relocate beach areas along the Yellow River. After years of hard work, 600,000 people in the province’s beach areas now have secure homes.Nowadays, the changxing east community has changed greatly by the relocation and construction of many villages.The community is built on a four-meter-high terrace, with two-story buildings with white walls and red tiles arranged in neat rows. It is equipped with activity centers, schools, supermarkets and other places.In a recent painting by MAO jizhi, a train of Fuxing high-speed trains passes through the countryside as villagers beat drums in joyful celebration.On December 26, 2021, the section from Qufu to Heze to Zhuangzhai of Shandong High-speed Railway was officially opened to traffic. MAO Jizhi, as a representative of the masses, boarded the first train and began to create this work when he came back.”The road in the village used to be bumpy.Now every village has roads, every house has cement roads, and even high-speed trains are coming in.”People’s Daily (First edition, February 8, 2022)