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Renshou County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, located in the south of Chengdu, is the gateway of Chengdu to the south, enjoying the reputation of “south gate of Tianfu”.Nowadays, Renshou, as a large county with a permanent population of over one million, is striding forward on the road of high-quality development. It has been ranked one of the top 100 Counties for Green Development and One of the top 100 Counties for Investment potential for three consecutive years, and has been rated as a county with economic development and progress in the whole province.It is spring, the earth warms, and more and more citizens go out of their homes to feel the charm of nature.”Life is so different now. There are parks everywhere and the city is beautiful.”Xiong Fengxian, an 80-year-old resident, lives next to the city’s wetland Park, which is only a three-minute walk from her home.In recent years, Centering on the concept of “ecological foundation”, Renshou County has made full efforts to “green”, “water” and “scenery”, integrating mountains, water, forests and lakes into urban construction, forming a new pattern of “park City” with “park in the city and city in the park”.At the same time, we will make efforts from the three aspects of “urban greenway construction, park green space improvement, Huajing Avenue in Huayang Block”, vigorously promote the construction of garden greening, make up the shortcomings of garden greening, improve the quality of urban ecological greening, so that citizens can fully enjoy the green ecological welfare.At present, the city has built and opened 14 urban parks, such as urban wetland park, central Water Park, xiangshui Six Square, “park city” from the design concept into reality.Glass bottle production workshop “for continuous’ push window to see the green of the good ecological environment, we make full use of the cities and communities scattered plots, road node, the corner space, see seam ‘green’, a small corner of the city into a” pocket park “for citizens daily leisure, convenience residents nearby recreational fitness.”Renshou County Housing bureau related person in charge.Walking around the city, I found that near many new residential areas, the once uneven barren land has been covered with smooth lawns, hits crape myrtle, begonia balls and other plants are thriving, adding a touch of new green for the city.At the same time, Renshou county also adhere to the “one town one garden, one garden one scene, everywhere has characteristics, everywhere has beautiful scenery” construction ideas, promote the park “go to the countryside”, the beautiful rural parks of each township, also become a good place for the rural masses to exercise and leisure.”This is the first month for me to find a new job. I will study hard and try to become a skilled worker as soon as possible.”A few days ago, walking into the production workshop of Sichuan Hualing Xinsheng Glass Technology Co., LTD., located in C zone of Renshou Economic Development Zone, Sichuan province, 31-year-old local resident Liang Ling is decorating the decal process line for a batch of “fresh baked” glass bottles.Related person in charge of the company introduced, the company mainly produces high-end glass bottles and glass lighting, capacity at full capacity, can produce 150,000 glass bottles every day.Skilled workers who work in the company can stick 800 to 1,000 glass bottles a day, and the unit price varies depending on the product. Depending on the piece rate, they can get 6,000 to 9,000 yuan per month.Like Liang ling, Xu Yanmei found a new job as a textile worker at The Golden Goose Textile Co., LTD in Renshou county, Sichuan Province, in early 2022 after returning to her hometown from other places.”I have worked in other places for many years, but I still feel that my hometown is better. In recent years, there are more and more job opportunities in my hometown, so I want to stay and have a try.”Xu yanmei said, although the income of migrant workers is relatively high, but the work is always unstable, after returning home, I hope to learn a new skill, have a stable job at home.In recent years, with the improvement of location and traffic conditions, Renshou County has been developing with each passing day. It has always taken industrial development as the core support to create one hundred strong counties, and is striving to build a chain of industrial ecology centering on the goal of “one million people 100 billion industries”.Relying on the high-end display project of Meishan Xinli, to build an important electronic information industry base in Chengdu-Chongqing area.Relying on legoland and other major cultural tourism projects, to build chengdu-Chongqing region’s important leisure tourism holiday base.Relying on major projects such as Dekang Tongnei, Innovative Small and medium-sized Enterprise Incubation Park, Chuanguo Trading Center, to build an important distribution base of agricultural and sideline products in Chengdu-Chongqing area.Relying on Chuanwei Prefabricated building Industrial Park as the leader, to build an important new prefabricated building industrial base in Chengdu metropolitan area.The high-quality development of the industry has created a lot of jobs in Renshou, driving local people to work nearby, increasing their income and getting rich.Door to help people in employment, renshou constantly improve the service efficiency, not only widely collect understand enterprise employee needs, a comprehensive summary of the current job seekers information as well as the employment intention, precise matching labor conditions on both sides and recommend employment, also in accordance with the need of the employment demand and enterprise employee, continued to carry out the training work, organization designated training institutions will open to the training class,Workers will be able to learn skills such as domestic service, electrical appliance maintenance, computer operation and electric welding near their homes to help job-seekers get on the road to employment.In the morning of sunny sunny, drive into renshou County Ou Tang town Feilong thousand acres of edible rose base, a burst of rose fragrance.At present, the roses in Feilong Village are in full bloom, which is a good time for viewing and attracting many tourists. They take photos in the sea of flowers and record the beautiful moments one by one.”Every year when the flowers bloom, we will come here for half a day, not only to feel the charm of the sea of flowers, but also to buy some fresh rose cake and rose jam for relatives and friends.”On March 30, tourist Li Shuying was busy taking photos of her friends in the Rose Base.Visitors in the rose base spring renshou is full of vitality, everywhere in full bloom flowers let tourists smell the fragrance and come, Peach blossom zhujia town, Cherry blossom Fangjia town, Caojia town pear……The city, which is good for living and working, has become a good place to visit.”Renshou is rich in tourism resources, with different scenic spots throughout the year.”Renshou county related person in charge of the introduction of the county’s natural scenery, rich variety, cultural resources unique, unique.Black Dragon Beach rippling blue waves, fascinating;Wulong Mountain is precipitous and interesting, making people forget to return…Hill into the picture, and one step JingYue hearts, in recent years, renshou borrows the natural advantage resources, dig strengthen the cultural connotation, in the process of promote the development of literature brigade, insist on grasping industry, promote the fusion, to actively explore new forms of tourism industry, improve the global tourism planning system, mountaineering, enjoy flower, water planning, such as fish, harvest more than high-quality goods line planning,We will strive to improve the quality of tourism and build a tourism brand system.At the same time, promote cultural and tourism industry planning and urban construction, transportation, ecological protection, rural revitalization and other organic unity, innovation in the layout of new business projects in the county, focus on creating cauliflower dock, qu Shui stay fragrance, century-old pear village and other theme cultural scenic spots, forming a new growth point of tourism economy.(By Guo Qiao and Pan Jianyong)