Leju broadcast: Hohhot property market price today (2.19)

2022-06-03 0 By

Hohhot LeJu news Leju take you to view the property price, know Hohhot housing price trend!Sina Leju collates a total of 5 projects today, presenting you Hohhot property market price dynamic information and preferential broadcast, so that you want to buy a house quickly grasp Hohhot house price information.I hope our price report will bring you convenience.Jindi peak kai future house hardcover small high-rise, houses, rough small high-rise in the sale.Small high-rise in sales building for 1: H6#, H7#, H10#, H11 #, in the sale area of 105 square meters, 125 square meters, the average price: 12500 yuan/square meters;The unit area of H2#, H6#, H7# and H10 # is 89 square meters, 117 square meters, 130 square meters, 143 square meters and 168 square meters, with an average price of 13,000 YUAN/square meters.Hardcover houses in the sales building for 1 G6#, G7#, G8#, G9;In the sale area of 125 square meters, 140 square meters, the average price of 14900 yuan/square meters.Peach blossom island small high-rise houses in sale, in the sale of housing area: 87 square meters, 105 square meters, 115 square meters, 119 square meters, 125 square meters, the average price of 10700 yuan/square meters is expected in June 2023 rough delivery.China Railway Nord Dragon Bay villas, villas in the sale of double.In the sale area of 290 square meters, 374 square meters, 500 square meters sales average price of 10000 yuan/square meters of existing house blank delivery.Jingyuan no. 10 main unit of about 48㎡-53.41㎡ hardcover apartment for sale, a total of one building, the average price of about 12000 yuan /㎡.Ceshang Yunke housing in the sale of K2#, K3#, K4#, K5#, in the sale area of 127 square meters, 135 square meters, 143 square meters, the average sales price of 6300 yuan/square meters -6500 yuan/square meters.Rough delivery.The above information is the latest dynamic information of 5 projects sorted out by le Ju today, for your reference.I hope to realize my dream of settling down as soon as possible.Article source: Leju