Hainan, this small county, do not know where it is without looking at the map, the average price of housing is more than 30,000 yuan

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I read a report that the county with the highest housing price in China is Lingshui County, Hainan Province. What place is Lingshui? It is incredible that the housing price is so high.In fact, many people do not know where Lingshui is without looking at the map. After reading the map, they found that Lingshui is a small county next to Sanya, which is called Lingshui Li Autonomous County with a majority population of Li people.In April 2021, China Business News pointed out that 103 of the more than 2,000 counties in China had an average housing price of more than 10,000 yuan, among which Lingshui County in Hainan province had the highest average housing price of 35,000 yuan per square meter, making it the county with the highest housing price in China.Some people may say that lingshui’s housing price is so high because of its proximity to sanya, a “big money”. Sanya’s housing price is so high. As a neighbor, can Lingshui’s housing price be low?Lingshui is located in the southeast of Hainan, facing the South China Sea and adjacent to Sanya in the southwest. The county seat is about 240 kilometers away from Haikou and 80 kilometers away from the city of Sanya.County area of 1128 square kilometers (land), under the jurisdiction of 9 towns, 2 townships, the total population of about 400,000, a small county, is such a small county, the housing price is actually more than many developed cities, provincial capital cities, it in the end what attractive place?You may think lingshui is developing very well, but the development of Lingshui is far less than that of the fifth-tier cities. People who do not know Lingshui may not understand why the housing price of a small county is so high.As a matter of fact, Lingshui is chosen by a large number of “migratory birds” who come to the south for the winter because of its beautiful coastal scenery and warm winter climate. I can tell you that lingshui is no worse than Sanya.Lingshui has a coastline of 57.5 kilometers, with four bays — Perfume Bay, Lingshui Bay, Qingshui Bay and Tufu Bay.The annual average temperature here is 25.4℃. The highest average temperature in June is 28.6℃, and the lowest in January is 20.6℃, which is similar to Sanya.Lingshui is located between haikou and Sanya, with high-speed rail around the island and high-speed links between Haikou and Sanya, so the geographical position is very superior.Sanya is one of the cities with the best winter in China. However, the consumption level and housing price here are relatively high. When the housing price of Sanya is unaffordable, Lingshui, which has almost the same environment and climate as Sanya, naturally becomes the substitute of Sanya, which leads to the rise of lingshui housing price.The price of more than 30,000 square meters, is also a small county, if you, you will choose to buy a house here?This quiet and harmonious town, for entrepreneurship, migrant workers, of course, they will not come here, Lingshui this place is suitable for retirement.Its popularity is not as high as Sanya, but the sea, sunshine, rainforest, beach, air and other five elements are on a par with Sanya. Such a small city is better for retirement, but the disadvantage is that the housing price is too expensive. Of course, if people do not want to buy a house, they can rent a house and go back after the winter.What are some interesting places in Lingshui?Fenjie Island, Nanwan Monkey Island, Zhiluo Mountain National Forest Park, Perfume Bay, Coconut Island, Tufu Bay, Qingshui Bay, these scenic spots are not to be missed when you come to Lingshui, you will love this town.