Wuhai city: A new picture of rural revitalization by combining agriculture with industry Strong Town

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With the implementation of the project to strengthen the town of agricultural industry as the starting point, Wuhai vigorously cultivates the rural industry with grape industry as the main part of the whole industry chain, so as to promote the quality and efficiency of The agricultural industry in Wuhai, enrich the residents in the agricultural area, and inject new vitality into the rural revitalization.Sunshine Tianyu International winery grape planting base is a busy scene.Walking into the sunshine Tianyu International Winery grape planting base located in Saihan Wusu Village, Hainan District, Wuhai City, 21 new greenhouses are neatly arranged.Although these greenhouses have just been put into use, the inside is a busy scene.Nearly 20 rural residents from surrounding villages and towns are laying mulch, fertilizing, irrigation and other work.Cao Zhengtao, deputy general manager of Inner Mongolia Sunshine Tianyu International Winery, said: “The 21 greenhouses have a planting area of about 40 mu, and each greenhouse needs 2 workers to manage all the year round, and when flowers and fruits are sparingly scattered, 1 mu of land needs 50 workers, which will drive the employment and income of residents in the surrounding villages and towns.”Sunshine Tianyu International Winery is one of the main bodies of the industrial Strong Town project in Hainan District of Wuhai City. According to the way of government subsidies, it drives the investment of enterprises. The construction of the new greenhouse with a total investment of 18 million yuan was completed at the beginning of this year.Chateaus simultaneously promote the upgrading of wine production equipment, and promote the integration of facility grape industry and leisure agricultural tourism while improving economic benefits, laying a foundation for the development of leisure picking and sightseeing tourism.”With the strong industrial town of dongfeng, we constantly improve and improve the production process and technology.Meanwhile, as a national AAAA tourist attraction, we will make good use of relevant subsidy policies and funds to improve the tourist facilities and functions of the winery.”Inner Mongolia sunshine Tianyu grape Wine Co., LTD general manager Huang Jianqing said.Starting from 2021, Wuhai will implement the Project of Hainan Strong Industrial Town.The project is located in Saihanwusu Village, Bayintaohai Town, Hainan District, Wuhai City. The planned investment is 40.45 million yuan, including 30.45 million yuan from social capital and 10 million yuan from superior support fund for industrial strong town.Through the construction of the industrial town project, the grape industry chain will be further improved, the transfer of surplus labor force in the agricultural area will be realized, and the comprehensive development of processing industry, transportation industry, service industry and tourism in the agricultural area will be promoted.Haibu Bay Area Qianlishan Town agricultural industry strong town project planning.Qianlianshan Town in Haibu Bay Area is the Agricultural Industry Strong Town project of Wuhai city in 2019, and selected as the national Agricultural Industry strong Town demonstration project.Wei Tong, a staff member of The Wuhai Yunfei Agricultural Planting Technology Co., LTD., told reporters: “The project has boosted people’s enthusiasm for grape planting.In recent years, the company continues to expand the grape planting area, driving the employment of residents in the surrounding agricultural areas, which can directly provide more than 80 jobs.At the same time, the grape planting rate was improved through grape planting technology training.The grape industry has become a new engine driving the economic development of Qianli Mountain Town.”After years of building, haibowan wuhai city hills has built cloud flew 1000 mu of standardization and greenhouse grape wine base construction projects light simplified quality and efficient cultivation technology popularization project, the whole town grape planting area of 10300 mu, “sea” brand green agricultural products such as production and sales of two popular, rural tourism ChongDian Village king yuan village as the first in Inner Mongolia autonomous region,Rural tourism enjoys a good momentum of development.The industrial chain is the core and carrier of rural vitalization.Through the implementation of the project to strengthen the town by industry, Wuhai city is constantly improving and strengthening the characteristic grape industry, invigorating the rural tourism, strengthening the agricultural industry and improving the characteristic platform, drawing a new picture of rural revitalization.