When I went back to my mother’s home with my wife and lived with my mother-in-law for a month, I really saw the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

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For many wives, conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a big thing in the heart, but also brought a lot of influence to life, but in the eyes of many husbands, conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is just another trivia in the marriage, and many husbands can not see the importance of conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, also can not see the wife’s dilemma.Sometimes this is not to blame the husband, after all, on one side is his mother, on the other side is his wife, the mother for his wife’s scold and difficulties, most of the time will not be naked in front of the son, this also caused a lot of men do not understand the wife’s grievances.But anyway, since choosing his wife back to home, learn to stand on his wife’s side, listening to his wife, but as a wife, also want to learn confided to her husband, and her husband, communication, only in this way, can make oneself of injustice and hard display in front of her husband, also is really can let husband go to participate in the method of old woman daughter-in-law contradiction.Today’s story is shared by netizen Liu Zhuo.Mother Liu Zhuo and his wife Li Rong have been married for three years. Their relationship has always been good, and they now have a cute one-year-old son. But Liu Zhuo has a thorn in his heart, and that is the relationship between his wife and his mother.In Liu Zhuo heart, things my mother is a quiet but thoughtful people, when two people get married, after Liu Zhuo would consult with Li Rong pension, my mother took my mother never give two people have trouble, but also share a lot of housework, so Liu Zhuo think, he and Li Rong should all go to appreciate his mother.But in fact, Li Rong for his mother has been very cold, for his mother to do things, but also always turn a blind eye, sometimes will express disgust, in front of two people directly redo, let Liu Zhuo and his mother are very embarrassed.And after the mother came, Li Rong is directly told her mother-in-law, that she does not need to clean her room, it is best not to go in.At that time, Liu Zhuo wanted to say something, but Li Rong didn’t give liu Zhuo any time. Seeing his mother’s injury, Liu Zhuo gradually became angry.That night, Liu Zhuo took Li Rong who was going to sleep to talk about it, but in fact it was directly questioned Li Rong, “Wife, are you not like my mother ah, otherwise how always give my mother look?My mother came after also helped a lot of help, shared half of the housework do not say, also need not you in cooking, you every day put a face to who see ah?”Li Rong is silent for a while, then suddenly asks Liu Zhuo, “Do you think I am against your mother, and your mother is not at all wrong?”But after thinking it over, Liu nodded and said, “My mother certainly didn’t do anything wrong to you. Please don’t care about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. My mother is not that kind of person.After hearing what Liu Zhuo said, Li Rong smiled and said, “From tomorrow, you and I will go back to my mother’s house and live there for a month. If you don’t find any problems, I will obey you.”Liu Zhuo understood his wife’s dissatisfaction, but thought it was a good time to solve the problem, so he did not refuse.Liu Zhuo and Li Rong are city people, so live in Li Rong’s home also does not affect the two people’s work, and Li Rong’s mother after listening to her daughter, is also happy to clean up her daughter’s room, accepted her daughter and son-in-law.And live together with mother-in-law in this month, Liu Zhuo also listened to Li Rong, has been carefully observing his mother and mother-in-law of the different, slowly, Liu Zhuo also found a few what?Liu Zhuo found her mother-in-law cooking never put coriander, and in the mother-in-law’s explanation, Liu Zhuo just remembered the original Li Rong can not eat coriander, and in memory, his mother did every dish seems to catch a big one of coriander, no wonder Li Rong every meal is not happy.And in the discovery of this, Li Rong is also deliberately told Liu Zhuo, in the mother-in-law just came a few days, Li Rong said he was allergic to coriander this thing, and said more than once, but the mother-in-law put coriander is more and more, as if it is intentional.In fact, Liu Zhuo did not want to believe that his mother had such a malicious side, but in the following days, the comparison between his mother-in-law and his mother, liu Zhuo had to believe.In Li Rong maiden, Li Rong can sleep quietly until 7 PM, ready, go to work at eight o ‘clock, but in their own home, mother saves Li Rong call up at 6 o ‘clock every morning, say let Li Rong help clean up home together, together do breakfast, evening also don’t let Li Rong to sleep, to coax to children first.While Liu Zhuo already ruled out by mother, early to bed and early to rise every day, no experience less than his wife’s hard work, and the longer we stay here, Liu Zhuo found the more contrast, also began to regret blame your wife for his mother, and in my mother-in-law lives in the last day of Liu Zhuo is directly in front of the mother-in-law and his wife, son, later absolutely won’t let Li Rong wronged,Li Rong smiled and didn’t say anything.Institute maintains wife Liu Zhuo to think Li Rong just does not believe oneself, also did not do so what assure, just be inwardly determined, must be a good husband.However, when preparing to go home, Li Rong suddenly gave a test, let Liu Zhuo call her mother-in-law in advance, said only Liu Zhuo a person to go back, let Liu Zhuo see what her mother-in-law will do.Liu Zhuo did as he was told, but when he got home, he found that his mother had made a big table of fish and meat. When he saw Liu Zhuo, he said, “Son, these are your favorite foods. Eat them quickly.”Looking at his mother’s nervous appearance, Liu Zhuo immediately understood Li Rong’s words, dissatisfied said he was not hungry, he went downstairs to Call Li Rong up.In this way, the mother was extremely embarrassed, can only explain that he is trying to help two people.Pull Liu Zhuo Li Rong ignored, back to the bedroom opened his own cabinet, Liu Zhuo this just discover oneself to Li Rong two packages are missing, looked at Liu Zhuo doubts, Li Rong smiled and explained, “your mama to XiaoGuZi, now you know why I don’t let your mother in my room, also why old love to lock the door?”In Li Rong’s explanation, Liu Zhuo is more and more guilty, also thoroughly understand their eyes of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and Li Rong’s eyes of the relationship is completely two looks.Mother in front of their own, is not love to talk silently work, but also bullied people, but in front of Li Rong, is a everywhere difficult, difficult for her, but also love acting malicious mother-in-law.And this time his wife maiden trip, also let Liu Zhuo really see the old woman daughter-in-law relation, in later days, Liu Zhuo also learned to maintain his own wife, although Liu Zhuo also remember filial piety mother, but also no longer required Li Rong like himself, also always advised his mother at the same time, to see Li Rong as belonging to the family, with the help of the Liu Zhuo, their day is finally over, the better.For many sons, the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law seems to always be caused by their wives, because on the one hand, they think that mothers are elders, and no matter how they can not create difficulties for the younger generation, on the other hand, mother-in-law will have some disguise in front of their sons, so in the end, the evil daughter-in-law.Liu Zhuo’s mother is such a person, so she came to live with her son and daughter-in-law for three years, and she made her son feel that he was the one who was treated coldly and wronged, which almost affected the relationship between Liu Zhuo and Li Rong.Fortunately, Li Rong is a more rational person, just with a month of time to do the comparison, let Liu Zhuo understand who is wronged that person.And this matter also gave all when the husband of a typical example, sometimes we can not just look at the surface, hasty conclusion is the wife in unreasonable, to know that since an elder will not be inexplicable bullying junior, as a junior, how can inexplicable hatred of the elder?So the husband must learn to understand his wife, so as to maintain a good home.Do you have such a mother-in-law?Leave a comment and tell us what you think.