The driver of a car has been killed after it crashed into a Taiwan railway in Taiwan

2022-06-02 0 By

On the evening of April 7, a car flew over a meter-high fence at high speed and crashed into a railway station in Shuixiang Township of Chiayi, Taiwan, China Time News reported.The accident killed the driver of the car on the spot.According to the description of the conductor of the Taiwan Railway, a Black car flew over the fence and crashed directly into the track before the Taiwan Railway district car was about to pass the level crossing at 275 kilometers above the water of the Taiwan First Line. The whole car was stuck on the track, with the front end facing the approaching Taiwan Railway district car.But at that time, the car was already dozens of meters away from the car, the driver could not react, even if the brake immediately could only hit the car, causing the 40-year-old car driver Surnamed Su died.Due to the force of the impact, the car body was deformed and twisted, crushed into a ball of scrap metal.According to the investigation, a Tainan man surnamed Su drove alone to Chiayi City at around 11 PM on July 7. He was about 257 kilometers north along the Taiwan First line. He was suspected to have tried to avoid a car turning around and hit a tree on the side of the road, flew over the rail fence about 1 meter high, fell onto the railway track, and collided with the oncoming Taiwan Railway southbound area train.There were about 30 passengers on the train at the time of the accident, and TCR dispatched inter-regional trains to ferry passengers to Chiayi station and rescue them.