Super reversal!Sixteen years later, “Sonorous Rose” reached the top of Asia again

2022-06-02 0 By

Mumbai, February 6 (reporter Zhao Xu, Zhang Yadong) super reversal, the final final plate!The Chinese women’s football team once again showed the spirit of fighting hard and never giving up by beating South Korea 3-2 in the final of the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup held in India on Wednesday.This is the ninth time that The Chinese women’s football team has won the Asian Cup, and it is the first time in 16 years that they have reached the top of Asia.China overcame Japan in the semifinals and again in the final, they came back from a two-goal first-half deficit to win three goals in a row.The game forward Wang Frost with injury, captain Wang Shanshan continue to play the central defender.The Chinese women’s soccer team played more positive from the beginning, finishing the first shot in more than 20 seconds.And South Korea, which eliminated Australia in the semifinals, is no pusher.In the 26th minute, Choi Yu-ri, who was in the middle of the field, broke the deadlock by driving a low ball into the penalty area.South Korea extended their lead before the end of the first half.In stoppage time, a Chinese player handball in the penalty area while defending was awarded a penalty kick by the Australian referee after video confirmation.Ji Xiaoran hit a free throw to make the score 2-0.China brought on Xiao Yuyi and Zhang Rui in midfield.After the second half begins, The Chinese team strengthens throws the ball to rob, the big reversal begins!The 66th minute, The Chinese team left side of the cross hit the Arm of the South Korean players, the referee decisively blow penalties.Tang jiali in the premier league penalty hit, 1:2.Four minutes later, Tang took the ball from the right and broke through the cross under the double team of two players. Zhang Linyan, who had just replaced Wang Shuang, knocked the door of the South Korean team with a powerful hammer, 2-2.China came back from a deficit for the third straight game.The highlight came in stoppage time.In the 91st minute, Chinese goalkeeper Zhu Yu made another fantastic save to deny The South Korean striker from a close-range shot after a botched clearance inside the penalty area.It is also the save, the achievements of the Chinese team set the final kill.In the 93rd minute, Wang Shanshan took the ball on her back in the middle of the road, turned and sent out a straight plug, Xiao Yuyi burst into the penalty area and shot hard, the ball into the net, 3:2!”Sonorous Roses” completed a stunning comeback to win the Asian Cup for the ninth time.China had a perfect Asian Women’s Cup, scoring 11 goals in the group stage and keeping no opponents, before staging a comeback in the quarterfinals and semifinals.Especially in the semifinal against their old rival Japan, the girls battled for 120 minutes and finally won on penalty kicks.The afC award also proved once again the outstanding performance of The Chinese team in this World Cup.Zhu Yu won the Golden Glove award, while Wang Shanshan, who plays both offense and defense, was named the best player.