Mianyang | “sugar-free” sweet dumplings C “debut” expert: don’t eat them open

2022-06-02 0 By

On the shelf, sugar free, low sugar, xylitol dumplings gradually popular, many citizens believe that eating this kind of dumplings, do not worry about gaining weight.Are sugar-free dumplings really sugar-free?Experts from the Third People’s Hospital in Mianyang city said that many people think they can eat freely when they see the word “no sugar”.In fact, glutinous rice is the main raw material for making tangyuan. Excessive intake will also affect blood sugar in the body. The sugar content of three medium sized tangyuan is the same as that of one or two raw rice.”People with high blood sugar should try to check their blood sugar before eating glutinous rice balls.If blood sugar control is not good recently, we still suggest eating less or not eating tangyuan as much as possible.If you do eat, it is recommended to taste, no more than four at a time, and reduce the main course of the next meal.People with stomach problems should also control their consumption, as this can easily cause symptoms such as indigestion.”Mianyang Third People’s Hospital endocrine director Xu Xunmei said.Mianyang Radio and TELEVISION Rong Media Center Reporter: Tang Tao, Zhang Hanwei, Editor: Wang Yuexuan