China’s counter-attack works!Many countries cancelled cooperation with Slovenia, fearing a repeat of Lithuania’s mistake

2022-06-02 0 By

Lithuania’s aggressive targeting of China also gives us a glimpse of what this small Eastern European country is trying to do to keep the United States in its lap.However, after Lithuania’s “fierce as a tiger” operation, the United States only rewarded Lithuania with a loan of several hundred million, which was obviously difficult to satisfy Lithuania.In the meantime, after all, Lithuania has paid the price of a downgrade in diplomatic relations with China, the abandonment of multinationals and howling at home.Lithuania’s economy has been sliding down the slippery slope since China launched its counter-measures against the country, and this has become the biggest obstacle to Lithuania’s development.Lithuania had predicted little direct trade with China, so provoking China would do more good than harm.But for now, because of China’s attitude, companies from other countries related to Lithuania have to make more favorable choices.Moreover, in the face of China’s constant pressure to counter, senior Lithuanian officials admitted that they never expected the consequences to be so serious.Under pressure from many parties, the Lithuanian president also publicly apologized and started the blame dumping mode, saying that he had no prior knowledge of the establishment of the so-called “representative office” and that it was the decision of the country’s foreign minister.The Lithuanian foreign Minister also publicly criticized the decision, saying that the president was aware of the process and that the decision had been made in consultation with the president.The cancellation of cooperation with Slovenia by many countries does not matter how Lithuania shifts the blame and shirks the responsibility. China has made it clear that it has the right to take countermeasures when its sovereignty and fundamental interests are damaged.It is surprising, then, that when Lithuania’s example is in sight, countries can go ahead.Even to many, this is just ungrateful recklessness.Speaking before the cameras, Slovenia’s prime minister said Lithuania had been “wronged”, arguing that Lithuania was doing what many European countries were doing under a different name.In addition, the Prime Minister of Slovenia mentioned that active contacts were being made with the Taiwan authorities in preparation for simultaneous action with Lithuania.It is not hard to hear that Slovenia’s prime minister has a defiant attitude towards China.Subsequently, China responded to the slovenian Prime Minister’s inappropriate remarks, saying that Slovenia has a tendency to challenge China’s bottom line, which shocked China.Some countries are already considering pulling out of cooperation with Slovenia because of the prime minister’s inappropriate comments, although Slovenia has not made any concrete moves.This shows that China’s counterattack against Lithuania has worked!Some references: Beijing Evening News, China Youth Daily, National Defense Times