A Cambodian man who owed more than $10,000 jumped into a river to commit suicide

2022-06-02 0 By

According to Cambodian media reports, at 4:30 on February 5, a man suspected of being in debt of more than us $10,000 jumped into the river from the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge in Puli Chu County, Kampong Cham Province.It is reported that the deceased is cheng Soqiang, male, 25 years old, Cambodian nationality.According to local police, the suspect ran off a bridge and jumped into the river because he owed too much debt.All he left on the bridge was a pair of slippers, his motorcycle, a bank card, 32,700 riels of cash, his motorcycle driving license and a farewell note.The note read, “I’m sorry for my parents, wife and children. I chose to commit suicide because I couldn’t pay back my debts of more than $10,000.”At present, the local police have taken the above physical evidence to the police station for retention, and then contact the bereaved family.Several former Naga employees of Xiaomi have been diagnosed, and the Cambodian government has called for an end to protests # International Intelligence ## Daily International Vision ## Cambodia # Follow cambodian.com to learn more about Cambodia, learn more about Cambodia, venture capital, and the community. Download cambodian.com APP