10 thrilling hours!The human race has twice come close to extinction, and who secretly saved it

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You know what?In 1962, the human race came close to extinction twice in just 10 hours. It is no overstatement to say that death passed by with a sickle and a ghost lock stood by.Yet after 60 years, the human race is still alive and well.What was the most thrilling thing that happened to humanity in 1962?And who is secretly protecting humanity without anyone knowing?Feel free to like and comment on my favorites.In 1962, humans came face-to-face with death twice.The first death put its sickle on everyone’s neck at 12:15 on October 27, 1962.It was an uneventful day.However, it is not an ordinary day when the U.S. military stationed in Okinawa, Japan, receives a military order to put its troops on a level 2 combat readiness.There aren’t many situations that put the U.S. military at level 2 readiness, which means there’s a threat to the HOMELAND.Who could have posed a threat to the HOMELAND?There’s only one Soviet Union in the whole world.However, around 1962, when the U.S. and the Soviet Union were at the peak of their rivalry, both sides were ready to fire nuclear warheads, but neither side was willing to fire the first shot.Soon, however, the us base on Okinawa was again given the order to launch missiles.After all, launching a missile is a big deal, and the US is doing it very carefully, requiring several procedures.The first sequence is two secret orders.The first was to check the timing of missile launches and weather conditions.If the second order is concluded, it means it was a routine inspection. However, the second order on the same day was answered in the code book, saying, Launch a nuclear missile.The signal was soon passed on to launch squad leader William Bassett.William Bassett was nervous too, of course, but soon the question came to his mind: should the nuclear missile be launched or not, even though the U.S. army was only on second combat alert, and the nuclear missile could only be launched at first combat readiness?The US nuclear missile issued by the US headquarters of this order, in fact, has been a disobedience of military order.Confused, William called other launch squads around Okinawa, all of whom said they had received the same order and were preparing to launch.After William said his doubt, most of the team did not think that it was too urgent, must launch nuclear missiles, pre-emptive strike.In the face of people around the excitement and tension, William felt more wrong, stopped the other team to launch the missile action, again to the superior feedback, but the superior results are still the same, ask them to launch nuclear missiles.As a precaution, Wilhelm checked the targets again with other crew members and found that only one squad was targeting Soviet cities, while others were targeting cities that were not Soviet at all.It was impossible for the United States to fire missiles at a non-belligerent country. There must be some kind of misunderstanding, and if he couldn’t stop it, the whole situation would get out of hand.In a close call, William sent two American soldiers with guns to the firing room of another squad and ordered them to shoot the person who fired the missile if anyone dared to fire it.At the same time, William made a very bold move, which was to make a phone call to the top brass of the army, and in the phone call to the top brass, either issue a state of readiness order, or order to stop firing nuclear bombs.Confused, the American commander also felt very nervous after receiving William’s phone call. He quickly went to investigate and found that there was no Soviet attack.And when William received the order to launch the missile, it was because a colonel had passed on the wrong data.The nuclear bomb exploded and the American commander, in a cold sweat, gave an emergency order to stop the firing while most people were asleep.One hero has quietly helped us ward off death.William saves humanity at the risk of offending his superiors, preventing the launch of a nuclear bomb, but that’s not the end. It’s just the beginning.Why is William’s move just the beginning?This is because at 16:59 that afternoon, there was another crisis, which quietly appeared without anyone knowing.The Cuban Missile Crisis Before describing this crisis, it is necessary to give a brief background.The United States had missiles in Turkey that could cover most of the Soviet union;The Soviet Union responded by placing missiles in Cuba that could cover most of the United States.The Dispute between the Soviet Union and the United States became so intense that the Soviet Union later sent a Soviet SUBMARINE, the B59, to spy on the Americans underwater.After a week underwater, the B59 Soviet submarine had lost contact with headquarters.But just in time, the Americans picked up the Soviet submarine and kept dropping depth charges in the hope that the B59 would float up.The Americans’ goal was pure, but after a week underwater, the Soviet crew, who had to endure daily temperatures of 50 degrees, couldn’t stand it.The captain and commissar of the B59 submarine decided to retaliate by firing torpedoes against the United States, which had used depth charges in already tense relations with the Soviet Union.But vasily Alsidov, the ship’s first mate, was strongly opposed to a torpedo attack.Vasily Alsidov argued that the B59 submarine was loaded with nuclear torpedoes, not ordinary torpedoes, and that a counterattack would mean a nuclear war.The AMERICANS used ordinary depth charges and did not use further lethal weapons.So Alsidorf thought that there was no war between the United States and the Soviet Union, but that it was just a way for the United States to force them to rise.After all, the B59 has been underwater for a week, and if it doesn’t resurface, its crew could die with it.For Alsidorv, the most important thing was to save the lives of Soviet sailors, not to start a nuclear war out of whim.Wassily al seedorf so although surrender is considered a great shame in the army in the Soviet union, but in the end this B59 submarine or rise, while the after see the submarine buoyancy, again is not to attack the Soviet submarine, not even on the ship inspection, just slowly to the Soviet submarine, get out of the way a hole, let them off the coast of the United States,He was safely back in the Soviet Union.This was man’s second brush with death.Most people in the world, except for the people who are involved in it, don’t actually know about it.In this short 10 hours almost broke out of the nuclear war, in fact, let the United States secretary of Defense Robert all feel sweat ripples, after learning that the whole process of these two things happened, once said such a shocking words, “I once doubted whether mankind can see the sun tomorrow.”What will happen to William and Ali Sidorf, who played a key role in the 10-hour hunt for a Soviet submarine that was cleverly averted?Hero’s Fate first, William Bassett, the American who prevented a world nuclear war at 15:00 in the morning of October 27th.It seemed so easy to us, but at a time when the Soviet Union and the United States were fighting for power, there was no reason for it to be made public, so it took four years after William’s death for the US Air Force to let it out.In fact, William Bassett experienced not only psychological stress but also direct threats to his life as he tried to prevent nuclear war.William Bassett, in order to stop the other squad leaders from firing missiles, once sent two soldiers to point their guns at them.In fact, anyone in the U.S. military who obstructs the missile launch is considered an enemy, so there are other American soldiers at gunpoint forcing William Bassett to launch the missile without delay.In the face of a dark muzzle, William Bassett persisted in preventing a crisis.Another hero wassily al seedorf had been faring much worse, because itself submarine buoyancy, means surrender, surrender is the Soviet union’s great humiliation, which results in the United States and the Soviet union, the Soviet union is a head shorter than the United States, so at that time all the Soviet army, even include B59 ordinary crew on board, for al clarence seedorf was full of complaints,Many even threw stones at his house.Nuclear missiles can be said that Alsidorf took a lot of blame, but even so, Alsidorf still chose to take this secret to the grave.Only four years after Alsidorv’s death, when the Cuban Missile Crisis memorial conference was held, did a senior Soviet official reveal alsidorv’s contribution to our past.At this time everyone knew that Alsidorf was the hero who saved the world.In fact, if either William or Alcidorf had not followed the instructions of his superiors at that critical moment in 1962, it is possible that we would not exist today.Have to sigh with emotion, perhaps there really is a kind of unspeakable power protecting human beings, and William and Ali Seedorf is their incarnation, our heroes.Feel free to like and comment on my favorites.