Woman in chains

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The woman in chains has entered the year of the Tiger for 4 days, but my mind from time to time, the “crazy woman” with chains.Is really unimaginable, in the 21st century today, in wealthy Jiangsu, in the fourth time selected the most happy city, there should be such a human tragedy?What is particularly ironic is that the “crazy woman” who is chained and stays in the blank room with no door and no window is the so-called “Internet celebrity” punch point and also the positive energy?Fortunately, when the crazy woman who gave birth to eight children was exposed, the Internet was in an uproar.Unexpectedly, this is not the only place.The woman lying on the ground must be the so-called “crazy woman”.But any man who is confined to the ground for years on end might as well go mad.It is said that the woman was also abducted and sold, because the escape was broken limbs, had to lie on the ground all year round.Crazy women? Why are there so many crazy women in the world?Is it congenital mental problems, or the day after tomorrow was forced to go crazy?Do not say her person, say feng County Yang xia bar, Dong’s father in June 1998 “pick up”, in August and Dong mou received a marriage certificate, then more than 20 years of time, at least in the exposure, under the chain, in the rough room, eat leftovers, this situation, I am afraid that normal people will go crazy.As for these abducted women, what happened to them is unimaginable to normal people.For example, the “rural nightmare of female college students” reported by the media is typical.Crazy woman named he Chenghui, was abducted when a college student, from the supermarket shopping back on the road, was beaten a bludger abducted and sold.Later, it fell into the hands of the man surnamed Ni, said to have spent 120 yuan.In the face of media reporters interview, the man is still so arrogant.This is not a daughter-in-law, this is not treated as a human, let alone materialized as a fertility tool, purely as arbitrary disposal of “private property”.Why is it that so many normal people are outraged when such news comes to light?Because of this tragedy, the society is filled with fear.After all, there’s no way you won’t be next, right?Even if you’re not a woman, what about your daughter, daughter-in-law, sister?According to census data, there are now more than 30 million more men than women in the country, meaning there are more men than women.Don’t say that marriage is the inevitable requirement of human nature, it is said that the ancient concept of “procreation” will make abducting and selling women become an inevitable cannot be eliminated.This is a non-fiction book that was published in 1989.In just three years, 48,100 women have been trafficked, and now?According to the Ministry of Public Security, from 2005 to 2013, the number of cases registered by public security organs for trafficking in women and children continued to increase, from 2,884 in 2005 to 20,735 in 2013, while the number dropped to 16,483 in 2014.To tell you the truth, child trafficking will be reported, but not many women can be reported, and I’m afraid the case will not be much.On February 25, 2021, the Chinese Academy of Social Assistance released the “White Paper on China’s Lost Population”, showing that the number of lost people in 2020 will reach 1 million.Many of those million are women.The behavior of buying abducted women and children, why repeatedly banned?Even, as fengxian these people do not care at all?Here, it must be said that the current law on such acts of punishment is not enough.As the famous law professor Luo Xiang said, the punishment for buying, abducting and selling women and children: “You are not even as good as a parrot, because parrots are more expensive than you.”Expensive, not to say the price, but to say the intensity of punishment.According to Article 421 of the Criminal Law, the punishment for this offence is imprisonment for up to three years, detention or public surveillance.At the same time, the provisions of no maltreatment, do not hinder the rescue of the abductee, can be given a lighter punishment.Obviously, such punishment intensity, no wonder Ni Heavenly kingdom dare so insolent?How dare Dong be so unscrupulous?Of course, there’s a pretty strong social basis for taking in trafficked women.Some people comment that it is caused by the double standard.In poor mountainous areas, and even in many rural areas on the plains, where there are fewer women and more young men of the right age, marriage becomes a big problem.The popularity of high bride price makes poor rural young men unable to get married.The “demand” for female marriage stimulates the appearance of abducting and selling women.And spend big price “take abduct to sell female”, have to guard strictly naturally, cannot “compensate madam fold soldier again”.To this problem, Jia Pingwa’s earlier work “extremely flower” has been involved.And in view of this problem, when answering reporter’s question, jia Pingwa’s view, it is to represent quite a group of people’s idea completely.Laws and human relationships are often contrary to each other and need to be balanced. The most striking thing is, “If he does not buy a wife, he will never have a wife. If the village does not buy a wife, the village will die out.”Is there a need for such a village?Can a village where women are objectified, where women are not treated as human beings, where women are abused and instrumented, be a normal, civilized society in the long run?What do teenagers who grow up in such villages think of such “tool mothers”?Can they be psychologically healthy?Growing the economy is the ultimate solution, but the priority should be mobility.Let young people out of the mountain village, let young people contact civilized society.In the short term, we should not try to put LIDS on things as a result of discovery, exposure and disposal.To tell the truth, when I see feng County Yang xia living environment so bad, especially full mouth only a few teeth, it is unbearable.If you take in a kidnapped woman and treat her as a daughter-in-law, can you treat her as a person?They can be locked up, they can be confined, but can they not be treated so cruelly?What a beast!Such a beast, unexpectedly became a local Internet celebrity.The father who gave birth to eight children is the face of a wedding company and a decoration company. Is it true that right and wrong are reversed in local society?Is good and evil separated?Not to solve the problem, but to solve the problem.The eldest son, who is in his 20s, justly asked netizens to delete the posts, which “disturbed our lives and violated my rights” and even asked “Do you still want us to live?”Ha ha, such a son, such an adult son, you see the suffering of his mother, see his mother was abused, indifferent, don’t you think your mother can live?Where is mom’s right to life and dignity?Well, when the people who exposed “crazy women” shut up, there would be no human tragedy, and the happiest cities would still be happy.However, the tragic experience of these abducted and trafficked women can not be ignored because it is an “ancient evil”, right?Exposure, treatment, accountability, treatment, assistance and, above all, punishment for those who take in abducted women must be increased.You see, it’s hard to be civilized as a society when crime still thrives in the shadows, and all the grand words are sarcasm and slapstick faces.