Welcome to get the real estate right to help the family to eat “reassurance”

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“Live in a new house, but can not get the real estate certificate, equal to no security for the people, the heart is always insecure.”Zhao Yunqing, a 71-year-old man from poverty, got the wrong owner of the real estate certificate due to historical reasons. This problem has bothered him for five or six years and has become a “heart disease” for him.The Communist Youth League municipal Committee, the city veterans Affairs Bureau in the village team to go into the village after that, immediately took the “hard work”.Small a real estate authority card, but involve several departments, through collating information, cancellation of property right card, confirmation of the public property right person, such as multiple programs, in order to this matter, residency busy task force for more than a month, will come to know the situation, once again many times contact coordination sun fang township government functions and departments such as county bureau of natural resources.On the morning of March 30, braving the breeze and drizzle, the village team, town leaders in charge and the natural resources staff sent the certificate to the helper’s home, “DID not expect so soon, the red book was sent to my hand, eating a” reassuring “, really let us feel the steady happiness!Holding the certificate of real estate zhao Yunqing said excitedly.”To help people at the grassroots level is to stand in the perspective of the people, start from the trivial matters, urgent matters and difficult things, change the” run by the masses “to” run by officials “, and strive to do a good job of the people’s livelihood, so that the people have a real sense of happiness, security and gain.”The first secretary of the Communist Youth League in The Village of Xiaogang Luo Lingzhi said.(Chen Lihua)