Tourists from the south drive into Zibo, Shandong province for breakfast, order a table of dishes, and can’t believe it when they check out

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but because our country is humongous, diet culture is varied from region to region, so the variety of breakfast is also very diverse, such as the most representative of the breakfast is the guangdong and southern yangzhou morning tea, and the north of beef, mutton soup, hu hot soup is also very famous, in addition, there are more common Fried dough sticks, steamed buns, steamed buns, porridge, noodles, flour, etc.There’s a restaurant in zibo in shandong province made a hardcore breakfast in particular, is popular with the locals, this restaurant is located in the street a short house, the area is very small, although do breakfast food taste, very good, but the store environment and health condition of the general, for comparison pay attention to this aspect of the people, this is not the best grazing site,But for gourmands, the taste of food is more important than anything else, so business is good every day.The restaurant is the main selling breakfast pancake coil bath chap and pig blood soup, fresh pig pancake coil bath chap is clean enough, marinating in the magnificent old bittern, then slice standby, at the time of consumption, it involved in hot pancakes in edible, because bath chap is salty, so volume, also can add a lot of scrambled eggs,Neutralizing the saltiness, this pancake roll pork head is soft on the outside and tender on the inside. It not only has the sweet taste of noodles, but also has the unique umami taste of eggs and pork head, which is very palatable.Because eating more pancake coil bath chap, can a little dry, so most of the diners will order a bowl of soup pig blood, together with edible, his pig blood is the boss a day early in the morning to buy fresh goods on the market, cut into small square pieces of fresh pig blood, put aside, when a customer order, will be in stock for stew, cooked pig blood soup spoon into the bowl,Sprinkle with the right amount of scallion, you can eat, because it eats up the color ochre flavor, cool but not greasy, so there are also a part of the customer is specifically for it.In addition to the characteristics of a pancake coil pork and pig blood soup, and tomato Fried meat, Fried string beans, potato, cucumber Fried meat, rice, red bean porridge and so on dozens of dishes, plus shop business good, lead to small shops there are four or five people busy, including cutting bath chap, have packaged, ShouYinDian single, stir-fry, division of labor is very clear,Therefore, no matter how many customers there are, the restaurant is very organized and the food is served very fast, which is also one of the reasons why many customers like this restaurant.Three of them ordered a large plate of pork head, four rolls, a plate of scrambled eggs and two bowls of pig blood soup. The total cost was only 40 yuan. They could not finish the food in large quantities and had to take it away.