This century-old restaurant in Quanzhou, Fujian province, which once served a Bite of China, served a bowl of beef soup with salty rice

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Quanzhou, fujian is an important economic city, it near fuzhou, xiamen, pleasant climate beautiful rich products, is a national famous historical and cultural city, is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, so from the song and yuan, abnormal status in quanzhou quanzhou become more popular tourist city, with a lot of places of visitors a year, guests come here to tourism, in addition to the beautiful scenery,Also like to enjoy the characteristic food of Quanzhou, quanzhou food culture is mainly based on the southern cuisine of Fujian Province, from staple food, soup to snacks have their own characteristics, to Quanzhou for three days and three nights not to eat, it is useless.In quanzhou, a lot of food, quanzhou people like beef soup is not a few, in quanzhou, the size of the street, walk up to see a beef store, quanzhou people eat beef is a habit since ancient times, is the main s big stuttering beef is obviously unrealistic, so now, every day can eat beef, is how happy ah.The carp city good into wealth steak house was founded in 1910, is a one hundred – year – old, business hours are from 9 PM to 9 PM, had boarded the “China” on the tip of the tongue, and compared to ordinary food, their brand is very striking, wall of certificates of the brand, the boss although old, but still busy with their work in the shop, choose the ingredients,It’s getting old.Their home is one of the most famous steak salty beef soup and rice, it is also a brand of quanzhou people eat beef sanbao, the steak and western steak, using local beef ribs, add a lot of bean paste and curry and boiled soft, recorded is appropriate, gently clip bones will fall off, and/or rich, succulent soft entrance, the flavor of the sauce to infiltrate every muscle in the beef is very sweet,Old people and children can eat it.Beef soup is the characteristic of quanzhou, and ordinary handmade beef balls have different twists and turns, need artificial forcibly knead, about an hour and a half, a bowl of fresh meat cattle we lift article becomes sticky after taste, can use the pot to boil, now the machine can also substitute, but the taste of traditional handmade is irreplaceable, I want to do eat beef soup,Because of the manpower and time required, the beef soup was limited to four or five bowls and sold out.Salty rice is actually radish rice, which is different from fried rice. It is a relatively hot staple food, which can help digestion and appetizer. Moreover, there are some salted meat in it, which has a more unique flavor.In general, their beef is not too greasy, and the real amount of materials is enough, salty rice and beef gravy is very good to eat, if you want to quanzhou steak restaurant, this restaurant is worth a try, after all, it is an old brand reputation and taste are guaranteed.