Nail on the head!Fans said the real reason why Yao Di was not selected for the Chinese women’s Volleyball team: CAI Bin had no solution

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Nail on the head!Fans said the real reason why Yao Di was not selected for the Chinese women’s Volleyball team: CAI Bin had no solution.Netizens pointed out that the reason why Yao Di was not selected for the Chinese women’s volleyball team is simple. First, she is older and has played more in the national team.Second, not suitable for CAI Bin’s tactical style of play, CAI Bin wants speed.In fact, Yao Di she does not need training, her level is currently the highest in the country, no one.Yao Di’s setter position on solid technology, style of work, CAI Guide will not see, so some think she does not go to CAI Bin’s reason, this is right.But Yao Di did not go to the probability of physical injury, not because who stared not to go, and some fans think it is good not to go, this is to hurt her rather than help her, and the training camp for her loss is not big, I hope Yao Di is all right, take good photos.Yao Di substitute for many years just opened up but not meet, some things only the parties know, lang Ping had banned the captain Wei Qiuyue, and then Hui Ruoqi when the captain let Wei Qiuyue return to the team, this is because Lang Ping in Evergrande, Hui Ruoqi abandoned the jiangsu mother team to support Evergrande, Lang Ping has no number of heart?Where there are people, there are people. It’s normal.Now a lot of speculation, not to go to the national team Yao Di is also the best national team setter, incomparable!Let the coach see for himself!Yao Di to the national team is the absolute main setter, otherwise do not go to the national team, playing in Tianjin women’s volleyball as a charm.Yao di has participated in the Olympic Games, national Games and women’s volleyball league (plus every pre-match training camp), so she will definitely rest for a period of time to treat her injuries. It is normal for her to lack training camp.The difference in style is just an excuse?There is a fast setter, must match a slow speed?What’s the point?With a slow setter, tell the other team your tactical purpose and let the other team form an effective defense and block?Lang guide in recent years also did not cultivate a young erzhuan, difficult for CAI Guide two inches between too short, not to say ding Xia and Yao Di is not good, old age and injury.Diao Linyu and Yao Di difference is not the slightest bit, it is several streets, Yao Di injury, if she wants to go to training I’m afraid she will be injured, so in the local injury training is good.Every coach wants to lead a team well, and every coach has his own way.It is very important for athletes to recuperate from injuries, machines need maintenance, and so do people.From the head coach to the current team lineup, four or five years and lang Ping era comparison, a good result is more difficult ah!The subsequent withdrawal of the general will be more and more, the head coach is not easy to lead the team, it is not easy to achieve good results, CAI Bin’s comprehensive ability or almost.The Chinese women’s volleyball team is rebuilding itself, which is already difficult.CAI Bin is under a lot of pressure, facing a lot of doubts and challenges, this Asian Cup may be an upset.The natural enemy of athletes is injury!The sports life of Chinese athletes is short, 30 years old has reached the edge of the curtain call, if there is an injury, it is difficult to go on.Tokyo Olympic Games and row super league, national games, yao Di’s highlight performance, how can the title and Diao Linyu equal?Actions speak louder than words!Without Zhu Ting, Yao Di has no interest in joining the national team.It will be hard to catch up with the next Olympics.An injury is a good retreat.Only smart people will do smart things, many people say that she is old, skills are not comprehensive, not as good as who, etc., successful, all kinds of champion titles have no place to place, make a concession to young players is a magnanimous good choice.Yao di has been playing through injuries for years, benching, scolding, injuries, responsibility for this girl.Admire the innocent, smiling Yao Di.I hope yao di is resting now, why make a fuss!Yao Di and Diao Linyu are the main force, not equal on the field!If it is has no Yao Di, only is in order to develop DiaoLinYu, at the same time can affect the Yao Di grinding with the tianjin team and training, to know the tianjin women’s volleyball team’s main players chose the national team, Yao Di and disconnect in the training, they will affect the national women’s volleyball team super league tianjin team of technical quality, and affect the tianjin women’s volleyball team title.The national team is about discovery and selection, not development. If you want to make the national team, you have to practice hard.Lang Ping is tianjin, before the attention to Tianjin team yao Di is also reasonable.Zhu Ting is also past, Zhang Changning can retire, but Ding Xia should continue to fight.Zhang Changning is not stable in the international arena, and Diao Linyu is not experienced enough.So jiangsu team as the absolute main force, to play the future of the international competition is not sure.Tianjin team also has its shortcomings, but this is the national women’s volleyball team, every Chinese girl should be selected as long as she has the ability.Finally, the author would like to say that whether CAI Bin uses Yao Di is not important, what is important is to see the results of the national team, the distribution of the main setter to obtain the ability, hope the Chinese women’s volleyball team good luck.What do you think about that?