Here comes the financial safety vane!Tsinghua Wudaokou Lecture Hall released a weight-weight report

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At present, the world is facing such problems as anti-globalization of trade, narrow space for monetary policy regulation and rising fiscal deficits.There is a strong correlation between international financial circles. China is in an important period of transformation of its development mode, so it is increasingly important to study national financial security from a national perspective.On April 2nd, “Tsinghua Wudaokou Lecture Hall · Look at China” lecture series second phase “Financial security Index report and national financial security index” was held.The lecture mainly focuses on the background, significance, method, effect and influence of the construction of national financial security index and its value to China’s financial security.(institute of financial science and technology, tsinghua university financial security research center director zhou daoxu the lectures) (institute of financial science and technology, tsinghua university part-time financial security research center researcher horse balance report) from the background and meaning of this index, the higher the degree of financial security, the greater the degree of financial support for the national economic lifeline, once the financial in unsafe condition,In particular, the financial crisis tends to trigger systemic financial risks, which will not only seriously affect the normal operation of economic activities, but also cause subversive threats and damage to national social stability.Economic globalization makes financial risks globally infectious, and national financial security increasingly depends on the degree of global financial security.The introduction index is an intuitive and reliable signal system to investigate the overall national financial security of a country.Through the construction of the index, the state, experience and development trend of national financial security can be timely obtained, and the comparison benchmark and reference system can be obtained, which lays a solid foundation for China to formulate financial policies and make financial development decisions.From the conclusion and effect of the index, taking 2017 or other years as the base period, the research team found that the global financial security level presents a trend of “both prosperity and loss”.Generally speaking, China is currently in the upper middle position, and the volatility of financial security is relatively low.The biggest difference between China and other developed economies, such as Europe, The United States and Japan, is that China still has huge policy space and resource space to deal with the impact of financial insecurity.Considering these countermeasures and available space, China’s financial security will rank at a higher level in the world.From the perspective of the value of the index, the establishment of national financial security index will provide multifaceted decision support.By analyzing and judging the value and trend of financial security indexes in various countries, and comparing the specific situation of the indexes in the past period and the financial security situation of other countries in the same period, we can evaluate the national financial risk situation in a certain period in the future.To predict the types, scope and degree of financial risks, avoid the occurrence of financial risks from the source, especially the systemic financial crisis.Financial services to the real economy, the country’s financial security index reflects the process of China’s macroeconomic market content, which is convenient to determine the relative position of China’s national financial security in the world.By making a global horizontal comparison and referring to the experience of developed economies, the overly aggressive implementation of financial policies in emerging economies is convenient for China to gain useful experience and learn lessons.At the same time, the index can support institutions and enterprises to identify financial insecurity factors in advance and grasp financial country risks when they “go global”.Subsequently, Zhou Daoxu affirmed the theoretical and practical value of this research from three aspects of originality, professionalism and value.Zeng Gang, deputy director of National Financial and Development Laboratory and Director of Shanghai Financial Development and Laboratory, made comments on the report.He made comments and guidance on the research value of the topic, the scientificity of the research method and the content to be improved in the follow-up research.Tsinghua Wudaokou Lecture Hall “See China” lecture series is an online public lecture jointly launched by Tsinghua University Wudaokou School of Finance, Tsinghua University National Institute of Financial Research, Tsinghua University Institute of Financial Science and Technology, and Xinhua Finance National Information finance Platform.The event is co-organized by the Financial Security Research Center of Tsinghua University’s Fintech Research Institute.