Group portrait of Hebei Province March eighth Pacesetter in 2021: Showing women’s elegant style in struggle

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Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, March 8 ( — Ten women from different fields and positions won the honorary title of March 8 Pacesetters in Hebei Province in 2021 at a ceremony held to mark the international Women’s Day.In the main battlefield of economic development, in all areas of social life, on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, they are brave and enterprising, fully demonstrating the charm of women in the new era who are persevering, resolute and open-minded.Zhang Xiuzhi, deputy chief engineer of Geological Survey institute of Hebei Province, said, “If you do not work, you will do your best”.In order to find out the soil environmental quality of Hebei Province, Zhang Xiuzhi braved the heat in summer and the cold in winter, climbed mountains and waded rivers, covered the mountains, plateaus and plains of Hebei province.For the first time, 6,200 square kilometers of selenium-rich soil were discovered in the plain and Bashang areas of Hebei Province. It was found that 98% of the agricultural soil in Hebei province met the environmental quality standards of heavy metals in the soil of green agricultural production areas…Under her leadership, a number of significant research results emerged, which filled the gap in hebei province and laid an important foundation for the strategic adjustment of agricultural structure and sustainable economic and social development in Hebei Province.Like Zhang Xiuzhi, Zheng Shumei, a senior expert at the 54th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, has been adhering to the career philosophy of “striving bravely and tackling difficulties indomitantly” for many years.For more than 20 years, Zheng Shumei has been engaged in the demonstration, research and development and system design of uav measurement and control and information transmission system, general inspection and maintenance system and other aerospace equipment. She has undertaken a number of engineering research projects and cutting-edge technology research topics.With her strong ability of technological research and innovation, the projects she participated in won two second prizes of national Science and Technology Progress Award, one first prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology award, two second prizes and two third prizes of National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, which filled many domestic technological gaps and some achievements reached the international leading level.Traditional surgical methods for colorectal tumor have large trauma, long operation time and slow postoperative recovery.Many years ago, Wang Guiying, a professor at the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, went abroad to study minimally invasive laparoscopic technology.Although at the beginning of the application of minimally invasive technology, there were many complications, uncoordinated medical cooperation and imperfect surgical instruments, etc., Wang Guiying tried his best to overcome all difficulties after returning to China.At present, Wang Guiying has completed more than 5,000 cases of laparoscopic surgery, ranking among the top five cancer hospitals in China.The operation system of laparoscopic surgery was established to shorten the average length of stay by 4 days, reduce the cost by 15,000 yuan, increase the bed utilization by 50%, and increase the 5-year survival rate from 63.09% to 80.14%.Communities are at the forefront of serving people.”We should visit the people with heart and affection, listen to their voices and solve difficulties.”Engaged in community work for 14 years, Chengde City shuangqiao District Qiaodong Street century City community general party branch secretary, neighborhood committee director Li Yue has long been trusted by the masses “close man”.Nothing is trivial in the interests of the masses.In her work, Li Yue explored the “four small services” working method of “providing small conveniences, keeping good records of small books, doing small things well, and solving small problems” for the masses, so as to solve “big problems” concerning people’s livelihood with “small services”.In addition, the area of old people who live alone, difficult to “one to one” family support, to carry out the elderly door-to-door survival authentication, set up “4:30 small desk”, set up the law class, family education, general fully give play to the role of community platform, efforts to enhance the identity of the masses in our daily life, the sense of belonging and happiness.In Cangzhou City yanshan county, everyone knows there is a “Li Lihua executive room”.Over the years, Li Lihua, a first-grade judge of yanshan County People’s Court in Cangzhou City, has devoted himself to solving the problem of “difficult execution”.Last year, the “Li Lihua Enforcement Office” received 356 new cases of various types of execution, and 352 cases were executed, with a case settlement rate of 98.87 percent.”If there is a case, it must be done;Promise will practice, practice will promise;There will be visits to receive, receive will reply;Help, help will solve the problem.”Li Lihua solemnly promised, “As long as it is related to the interests of the people, even if it is’ nail ‘or’ bone ‘case, I will try my best to pull it down.”Kangda Museum has the largest and most intact kangda site group in China, with rich and precious red resources.Since 2016, Yang Shu, the secretary of the Party Branch and curator of the Museum of The Military And Political University of Chinese People’s Resistance against Japanese Aggression, has taken root in the old base area of Taihang Mountain and devoted himself to the revitalization and development of the old revolutionary base area and the education of revolutionary tradition.After repeated research, Yang led more than 50 villages involved in the old site group to set up a “female cultural task force” to promote the protection and utilization of the old site.At the same time, she also led everyone to carefully set up the party spirit education quality routes to promote the integrated development of red tourism.So far, women have been encouraged to open 13 rural homes and b&BS, creating more than 200 jobs.Education undertakes the important task of “who to cultivate, how to cultivate, and for whom to cultivate”.In recent years, Li Yunhong, party secretary and principal of No. 40 Middle School of Shijiazhuang city, is committed to building the school into a vanguard position for the party to lead and promote education, teaching and educating people, and laying a good talent training foundation for the party and the country.Under her leadership, the school insisted on building branches, learning theories and volunteering, and let the Party flag fly high in the position of educating students.In order to learn the “four history” well, the school has carried out a variety of themed activities to make the majority of students become outstanding teenagers who are loyal to the Party and passed on from generation to generation.Like Li yunhong, Sun Ying, a professor and director of the academic committee of Hebei Normal University, practices the original aspiration of education in her post.From an awkward and ignorant young teacher to the backbone of teaching and scientific research, she has been fighting in the front line of teaching for 34 years.In order to help students learn college courses well, Sun ying conducted extensive research among teachers and students, organized “I Want to Hear You Say” teacher-student symposium for students of different levels, and drew concentric circles of “teaching” and “learning”.At the same time, she also guided the undergraduate teaching of young teachers, and analyzed the pulse of scientific research and teaching of new teachers.Assiduously study product technology, pay attention to talent introduction and training.In recent years, under the leadership of Yang Zhuqiang, general manager of Handan Hengyong Protection and clean Products Co., LTD., the company has made great progress and has been identified as a high-tech enterprise by the state.”Enterprises should not only seek development, but also shoulder responsibilities and serve society.”Yang Zhuqiang thinks.In 2021, the company donated 2,000 protective suits, 200,000 surgical masks, 18,000 medical protective masks to Shijiazhuang, 70,000 masks to local communities, and more than 200,000 masks to those on the front lines.In addition, the enterprise also resettled more than 800 laid-off workers, including more than 600 female workers, and gave certain living allowances to special family workers every year, and helped more than 10 difficult workers to solve their living problems.”Choose one skill, live your whole life” is the promise of Hebei Province folk arts and crafts master Guo Mohan to the traditional Chinese art of iron plate relief.As a girl born in the 1980s, Guo Mohan used hammer and iron chisel as her brush and iron plate to paint paper. After ten years of hard work, she devoted her youth to the research and inheritance of iron plate relief.”Iron plate relief art is not an individual’s art, but the art of the nation, the art of the world.”Guo Mohan thinks, should let more people understand iron plate relief.With her unremitting efforts, the intangible cultural heritage of “Guo’s iron plate relief” has been gradually promoted to the international.So far, she has received more than 200 visits and studies and more than 40 international cultural exchange delegations.Huo Xiangbo, reporter of Hebei Daily, pays close attention to Hebei News network for the latest news in Hebei.