Comprehensive analysis of the various intersection how to correct u-turn

2022-06-01 0 By

Sometimes we need to turn around, but it is difficult to make a turn at a junction.At some intersections, there are obvious signs indicating that u-turns are allowed or prohibited. This is clear.Some intersection nothing, only traffic lights, this time the heart drum, in the end can turn completely hopeless.If there is a car in front of you turn around and follow it, when there is no car in front of you it is very confused.So when can or can’t you turn around?We’ll talk about it in detail today.First of all, there are street signs, which is very clear to everyone.But there are also two cases where there is a sign indicating that you can turn around.The first is that there is a special turn gap or dashed line at the intersection. In this case, we can turn directly regardless of the traffic lights, but we should pay attention to avoid straight vehicles.The second is the intersection without gaps and dotted lines, at this time, you need to look at the left arrow, turn around when the green light, and a very important point is that at this intersection, vehicles must cross the zebra crossing to turn around.Then there is a u-turn, that is, the dotted line in the middle of the road, the car on the dotted line can be u-turned, but also to avoid the opposite straight vehicle.The last kind of intersection is the one that many drivers struggle with. There is no turning around, and there is no sign prohibiting turning around, just a traffic light.This intersection is also divided into two situations, such as a left arrow at the traffic light or a left turn sign on the ground, indicating that it is possible to turn left here. In this case, it is possible to turn around by default.Follow the traffic light instructions, then also need to cross the zebra crossing to turn around.Another situation is that there is no left turn traffic light and no left turn arrow on the road, indicating that this intersection is not allowed to turn left, of course not allowed to turn around.To sum up, do not turn around at any intersection with a no U-turn sign or a no left turn sign.U-turns are allowed by default if there is a sign allowing u-turns or if there is no sign prohibiting u-turns and you can turn left.Then you can turn around if the intersection is designed with gaps and dashed lines, you can turn around without looking at the traffic lights.If not, you need to follow the traffic lights and turn around across the zebra crossing.