Chinese New Year: send couplets to African friends to celebrate the Chinese New Year together

2022-06-01 0 By

Sanxiang Metropolis daily on February 1 (all media reporter Li Qi correspondent Ceng Ming qiang video Li Qi) I wish people for a long time, a thousand miles of chan.As the Lunar New Year approaches, thousands of Chinese families are hanging lanterns and pasting Spring Festival couplets. The 19th Chinese medical team from Hunan province also celebrated the New Year in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, in its own way.On the morning of the same day, all members of the medical team pasted Spring Festival couplets at the station to send blessings to their families and friends back home.Captain Zhu Wei taught everyone to practice “Eight duanjin” and “Taijiquan”, to exercise with traditional Chinese health methods, scientific epidemic prevention.The Chinese medical team also prepared traditional Chinese Spring Festival couplets and gifts to African friends to express their best wishes and celebrate the Chinese New Year together.