Under what circumstances does a married woman cheat?

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Guess what Lei Jun was thinking at that time?I would like to use a year do not drink milk tea, in exchange for a smoking addiction, do not chew areca, drink moderate, introverted sticky boy, if you are full of me, I will be full of you what can I hair more prominent than them?In our south this is called rape heart. In your north this is called what?Dermatology department nurse one, have what don’t understand can ask I love her to send her septuagot.Mosquitoes look envy!Let’s talk. Why did the child stars in “Home with Children” grow up to shine, while the child stars in “Happy Planet” disappeared?Would you take $60 million for the rest of your life not being able to touch a car?How far can the poor, suddenly rich, splurge?I have never experienced it, because I have always been poor!Take care of it. You’ll be dead in a month.Folk saying: “a couple a hundred days of grace”, the second half of the sentence is the key, but nine out of ten do not know.Harass me half a night, bite me six or seven packs, be captured by me alive, how whole can let it die the most miserable most painful.Do you think I look better with a mask on or without one?In ancient China, people ate two meals a day. Why did it become three meals a day? Today, the king fried food should be a sure win.After eating poisonous fungus, poisonous mushroom poisoning why can you produce illusion?Beg professional personage to answer brothers, I am a female, this normal?This is our girl’s box. I want to see what is in the boy’s box. I want to know whether there is real friendship between boys.It’s been like three hours. How’s it going?Why do commandos like the front grip and outlaws like the back grip?Beg skin to aid what to nurse migraine to have method?How much does that have to weigh?Honor of Kings can choose any hero skill, but the cooldown is 10 years, which one will it choose?If you have the ability to pick up 300 yuan per hour, how can you maximize the profit?How do I get him to notice that I’m picking gold out of the sand by the river?Why is it that everyone on the train is so casual, it feels like everyone has social bull syndrome?How to do?Go or not go?I’m so poor. I transferred 500 yuan to a girl I like, and she was so anxious to clarify in her wechat moments.Why is Dija Altmann more famous than other Altmans?Left: Israel right: What do doctors in Palestinian hospitals do when there are no patients?If someone discovers and proves the existence of ghosts, can they win the Nobel Prize?Excuse me boy this have what difference?I spanked the waiter and had the cook beat me up…Doesn’t that make him worth more than water?Regular, you see air conditioning.Why do you smell every time you fart in bed?When I’m hopeless, there’s only one catcher in this town, and that’s me, Yan-catcher.I have serious cleanliness, half a month must wash the hair, how often do you wash?He married you for family reasons, but he has no feelings for you, gives you half a million dollars a month, leaves you alone in a big empty house and never comes home anybody know what that means?Cavemen decide something!Under what circumstances does a married woman cheat?Everyone come and have a look at this question, use your intelligence, please write your answer in the comment section, welcome friends to discuss.