Two years ago, a 21-year-old girl from Guiyang committed suicide 9 days after taking artistic photos. “Save me” was posted on wechat.

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On October 26, 2019, a 21-year-old girl committed suicide after taking 11 pills for motion sickness in Guiyang, nine days after she had a suspected dispute with a studio where she had taken art photos.The girl that is in flower season originally, why can choose such means to leave this world, what encountered again after all when she shoots art according to studio?Today xiaobian will talk to you about this event.Little red before (a pseudonym) proud of hopes pat xinmi city out of the haze, a 21-year-old girl little red (a pseudonym) is a youth beautiful beautiful young girl, likes music and small animals, but she is in the months before the became depressed, because she has a heart disease, premature beat every time a seizure caused her great pain.Xiao Hong worried that she did not know when she would leave the world because of the disease. Therefore, in order to let herself out of the haze of many days, but also to do something to commemorate her youth, she decided to find a studio to shoot some artistic photos.According to the mother of the little red, little red place work pay is only 2000, because the disease later she rest at home for a few months time, to find a job again recently, little red and she said want to go to make art as before, but because recently bought her a computer, so he didn’t agree with her to take fine art, the little red’s mother thought that she would not go to make.According to xiao Hong’s chat with her friends, she still wanted to take artistic photos to cheer herself up, because she decided to take a series of artistic photos even though she didn’t have much money at that time.Xiaohong from Guiyang Yunyan district is new street to find a called “life vision · woman photo photography” studio, made an appointment for a price of 2299 yuan shooting package, and agreed to be filmed on October 17.After the shooting on The 17th, the two sides agreed to select photos on the 19th. However, when choosing photos, the photographer showed Xiao Hong all the photos taken, there were more than 100 photos.There were only 22 photos in the photo package xiao Hong chose at the beginning, but the photographer and Xiao Hong said that the photos were very good and it would be a pity if they were deleted. They hoped Xiao Hong could keep them.Under the studio’s repeated persuasion, Xiao Hong signed a contract of 16,000 yuan on the basis of the original package of more than 2,000 yuan, including photo refinement, gift box, frame and so on.But xiao Hong was unable to pay the high fee in full, even after giving up her credit card and spending money.Studio of voucher, a few days later, little red told his friends what had happened to her WeChat “you peng elder brother”, in the chat with friends, little red said he was already highlighted the ability to pay is not so high, but under the studio staff induction, or be shanghaied signed high-priced photography package, after we paid a five thousand yuan,And I can’t afford $10,000 more.On the 25th, Xiao Hong’s friend accompanied her to the studio to negotiate. Xiao Hong said she could not afford to pay the remaining 10,000 yuan. The studio’s sales staff said it was ok not to take photos, but it was necessary to pay 30% of the penalty.In this case, according to the original price of more than 20,000 yuan package to calculate, xiao Hong not only can not get the photos, and in their own has paid more than 5,000 yuan on the basis of, but also continue to give money to the studio.In the process of negotiation with the studio, no matter how Xiao Hong explained, the studio’s sales staff were all asking: “Then why did she sign the contract?”Red heart itself has a problem, friends see her face is wrong, worried about the studio and continue to negotiate red will go wrong, tell the studio sales, you do not force her.The last message of the circle of friends to the morning of the 26th, Xiao Hong said in his wechat circle of friends: “I want to commit suicide again, every day is very difficult, in order not to affect the feelings of others, try to keep smiling face…No laughing now…One image is my permanent nightmare…”Later, xiao Hong sent another message to her former colleague on wechat: “I didn’t know I was so weak after taking so many motion sickness pills.Her colleague immediately called Xiao Hong, but there was no answer.After that, Xiao Hong posted her last post on her circle of friends: “Uncle me.”Xiao Hong’s mother did not see the messages on wechat moments. By eight o ‘clock in the morning, she had prepared breakfast and was ready to call her daughter to get up and eat it. Her brother advised her to let her sister sleep for a while.At eleven o ‘clock in the morning, Xiao Hong’s mother received a phone call from her son, the son said: “Sister is very cold, sister can not!”Red mother hurried home, the ambulance will be sent to the hospital, but still no rescue, red so left the world.Little red disappeared (a pseudonym) centerpiece of private kitchens “as” little red’s family want to know what had little red before the suicide, after many understanding, they found the little red in ni and studio staff after a voice chat, the mood change is very big, they think of the voice and a small red suicide should have a lot to do, but has not come forward, head of the studio,Only a few studio staff are responsible for negotiating with them.Xiao Hong’s aunt said that in the chat records of Xiao Hong and the studio staff mentioned the private room photos, but after Xiao Hong committed suicide, the studio did not provide these photos, but there was a gap in the original photo code, the studio did not admit that they had taken private room photos of Xiao Hong,However, the chat notes clearly stated that they would make a private photo album for Xiao Hong alone.The family members could not help but wonder whether the one minute voice call was related to the private room photo.According to her family, after her suicide, while cleaning up her daughter’s room, xiao Hong’s mother found a set of black sexy underwear she had never seen before.Xiao Hong’s mother recalled that on The 23rd, Xiao Hong was watching TV on the sofa, but kept scratching her lower body. Xiao Hong told her mother that she had shaved her lower body in order to take photos.To this end, Xiao Hong’s mother questioned the studio, if the studio did not take private photos of Xiao Hong, why in the process of talking about this matter.Also, if it’s a normal art shot, why do you need to shave your nether regions?All of these details raise questions about why the studio hid the private photos.Xiao Hong’s mother said: “My daughter’s death must not only be the cause of the high price, there should be other reasons.”Whether it is compulsory consumption of Red friends recall, when Red told herself that she was the studio “routine”, do not know how to sign a high price contract, in the process of he accompanied Red and studio negotiations, studio attitude is always very tough.At that time, the studio said it had no choice but to pay the penalty of 4,800 yuan or the remaining 10,000 yuan balance.In the process of negotiation, the studio has no willingness to compromise, has said that as long as the contract can not be withdrawn.This kind of tough attitude of studio, after all calculate is not overlord clause, compulsory consumption?Why did Xiao Hong commit suicide after all?For this matter, in xiaobian opinion, Xiao Hong’s sentence: “Do I have to encounter such a dirty thing?Do you want to make me?Dude, with a depressed guy, a new heart attack?Sleeping pills already bought, want to force me?”Maybe that was the lead that eventually led her to suicide.21, what a wonderful age, should have been the happiest time of life, but to end this way, it’s sad.Perhaps a lot of people do not understand what is a kind of depression in the end, what do patients with depression need, what are they afraid of?Sometimes, they may be no different from normal people, and will laugh with you, but you may not know, most of the time they are just forcing a smile, you never know what will be the last straw.