Ninghai: This paddy field has an annual output value of over one million yuan

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This article is transferred from: Zhejiang Daily Zhejiang News Client Sharing Alliance Ninghai Station Xu Ming Yi Zhou Zhenxiao Zhang Yali reporter Chen Zui March 24th, the weather is fine!In a 200-mu flower field in Qishi Village, Yuexi Township, Ninghai County, farmers of Ninghai County Yuexi Heshun Chinese Herbal Medicine Professional Cooperative are busy collecting fritillaria flowers, drying and processing, to make fritillaria flower tea.”Fritillaria flowers are not only good-looking, but also have the same medicinal effect as the mature Zhejiang fritillaria flowers, clearing heat and reducing phlegm, moistening lungs and relieving cough.””Said Chen Lingxiao, head of the cooperative.Five years ago this picture of prosperity was a different one.For a long time, yue Xi’s agricultural production was based on single-cropping rice, which was harvested in October and planted again in June, leaving most of the farmland idle.”I was still working in the city at that time, and every time I came home and saw the empty farmland, I felt bad!”Chen Lingxiao said.Due to the ancestral home of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a folk, in a chat with the elderly Chen Lingxiao accidentally learned that the zhejiang fritillary planting is planted at the end of October, a year before the beginning may harvest, cycle just able to seamlessly to a single harvesting cultivation, if grow, not only can fill the window period of single harvesting plant, improve the land utilization,Moreover, Thunberg Fritillary bulb is also one of the “eight Flavors of Zhejiang”, a local authentic Chinese medicine in Zhejiang, which has high economic value and can also increase the income of local farmers.With the mentality of trying, Chen quit her job in the city in 2017 and returned to her hometown to contract 100 mu of land, starting her agricultural career.”When we first started planting, we had all kinds of difficulties and problems.In this process, we have also invited provincial and municipal experts in medicinal plants and agriculture to guide us. With their help, we are now very mature from planting to rough processing at the origin.”According to Chen, the rotation of fritillaria and rice has reduced the rate of pests and diseases in rice fields and improved soil fertility, resulting in higher yields and quality of fritillaria and rice than in the past.Like last year, fritillary bumper harvest, a mu of field fresh fritillary income of about more than 7,000 yuan.According to this calculation, she contracted 100 mu of land, a year fritillaria plus rice output value easily more than 1 million yuan.In addition to their own business income, Chen Lingxiao is also actively driving the surrounding villagers to get rich together.Whether he works in the fields to increase his daily income, or joins a cooperative by contracting land to grow fritillaria and rice, Chen will share his skills and let everyone share the joy of harvest.”If I let them the land, and help them in picking flowers and digging up fritillaria, I shall earn more than ten thousand a year, which is much better than spending six months idle.”Farmer Chen Huifei said.According to understand, for starters, the creek, fritillaria, pollution-free rice entire town villages characteristics such as high quality agricultural products brand, the local government in 2021 founded the “fresh in the creek” brand, and according to the planting or breeding production situation of 15 administrative villages, selects one village one full to the “fresh in the creek” brand, the power of government to promote local agricultural products to promote.”Through the creation of agricultural products, we hope to establish our own ecological agriculture system, so that our agricultural brand can go out of Ninghai, Ningbo and even out of the Yangtze River Delta.The agricultural products can be sold and sold at high prices, making the villagers rich and the village better.”Ninghai County yue Xi township agriculture deputy township head Jin Tongjun said.