Jinan primary and secondary schools opened, the school season “sun homework” changes really many

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Students seize the “tail” of winter vacation experience ice and snow sports on February 16, all primary and secondary schools in Jinan, the first winter vacation after the implementation of the “double reduction” policy has ended, the back-to-school season “homework” is customary.Measure apartments, play poker, learn to ski, walk on stilts…In the interview, the reporter found that the winter vacation homework “face change”, the students learned new knowledge in playing, spent a happy holiday.Zhang Yixin, a fourth-grade student at Nanshan Experimental Primary School in Jinan, returned to school on Monday morning. The girl, who is less than 10 years old, had just finished her winter vacation.Her mother Han Xue said, as soon as the winter vacation, the child will learn to walk on stilts with an uncle of the Longdeng high seesaw team in Nanshan. Ten days later, “quite like that”, successfully became one of the smallest members of the high seesaw team.Zhang Yixin has been on tour since the eighth day of the first lunar month, wearing an 80cm high wooden leg. He gets up before dawn every day to make up and performs for more than 30 performances in a row. Along with his team, he has traveled around half of Jinan, so he has a deeper understanding of this intangible cultural heritage project.”The whole holiday an after-school cram school did not register, the biggest harvest is to learn to walk on stilts, and then free to swim, play drums…She likes it all.”As for her academic performance, Han xue is not worried. “I don’t think I can get down without touching textbooks for 10 days and half a month,” she said.Winter vacation meets the Winter Olympics, sports, especially ice and snow sports, enter the homework list of most schools.Jumping jacks, frog jump, after kick, high lift leg, rope skipping and other physical training almost became the standard of primary school holiday homework.Some parents from Binhe Zuoan Primary School in Tianqiao district of Jinan organized a group to take their children to the ski resort to learn how to ski.The person in charge of a children’s roller skating training institution in gangcheng district said that in previous winter holidays, ski classes generally recruit more than 20 people, this year jumped to 70 people.”This year, the number of visitors to our ski resort has increased by 50% compared with previous years, mainly among teenagers, and a number of primary and secondary school students have received skiing training students.”This has led to a shortage of ski instructors, said Cheng Dan, head of the Laiwu Xueye Ski Resort.After the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, some parents’ concept is changing, from excessively focusing on academic performance to paying more attention to the overall growth of children, parent-child interaction and companionship.On the 10th day of the first lunar month, Zhang Yuhan, a second-grade student from Yuxiu Primary School in Shizhong District, Jinan, joined the volunteer service team to help patients skillfully operate self-service equipment, file, swipe cards…One morning, the little volunteer was busy for more than three hours, received numerous “thank you”, but also had a thorough understanding of the medical treatment process.In the afternoon, I learned CPR and other first aid skills from professionals.In the holiday, he also accompanied by his parents to Daming Lake Iron Temple, completed the “Quancheng celebrity I tell” video clocking activities.”Since the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, we have done one task every day according to the folk customs described in the textbook. Except for the unsuccessful tofu, which was made into tofu brain, we have done well in all the other tasks.”Kong Yanmei, his mother, said there are many special assignments for various experiences, activities and sports, which makes winter vacation more meaningful for him.The juniors had no written assignments, and one of her children’s math assignments turned out to be “poker” : using combinations of numbers to practice arithmetic by mouth.In order to let the children in the holiday practice to learn something, the teachers in the homework design, a lot of effort.”We according to the personalized, flexible principle, give students’ menu type ‘winter vacation homework, highlighting operability, practicality, project, exploration.”Wang Zongfen, head of the second grade teaching and research group in Jinan’s Shizhong District Aidu Primary School, said children can choose according to their own interests, such as studying Spring Festival customs, learning paper-cutting skills, and weather statistics.In the homework supermarket, there are some “must-haves”, such as the need to master important arithmetic, which every child must practice.Many students in Jinan Yuxian No. 4 Primary School are busy measuring houses this winter vacation. Grade 2 should measure the length and width of each room and establish the concept of length units.Third grade to calculate the perimeter…Homework is no longer the previous “pure paper homework”, but in the life scene application, practice mathematical knowledge, training interest, edutainment.In the past, winter and summer vacations have always been the “golden period” for discipline training.Reporters visit found that many ji ‘nan market on the mainstream cram school has been closed.A staff member of a large training institution said that the previous 70 campuses have been reduced to a dozen, all of which have been changed to interest-oriented training.Wang Liang, the parents of the students, said that after the “double cut”, there will be less homework and no need to “catch up with classes”.Vacation is no longer the “third semester”, practical exploration instead of remedial lessons brush.However, some parents don’t want their children to “waste” vacation time.Ms. Chen told reporters that the child graduated from junior high school this year, last summer times three cram schools, every day “transfer.”This winter holiday market can not find the cram school, or to find a way to please a “one to one” tutor, at least figure a peace of mind.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)