Fight to break the sky: Inside three warcraft families, why is the phoenix demon spurned?

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Fight to break the sky: Inside three warcraft families, why is the phoenix demon spurned?There are three top warcraft families in the dou Qi mainland, which are nine you to the python family, the phoenix phoenix clan, tai Xu gu Long clan, these three warcraft family system hegemony warcraft world for thousands of years, no forces dare to move to them, because the relationship of warcraft family is too complex!Why is the relationship between the demon family complicated?The reason is very simple, the interests between warcraft families have been tied together, such as taixu ancient dragon clan has a lot of warcraft family vassal, headed by Taixu ancient dragon clan, purple Yan encountered in Dan is far ancient dragon bear clan, far ancient dragon bear clan was taixu ancient dragon clan vassal family, relying on Taixu ancient Dragon clan and survival.If the Taixu Gulong were attacked, they would also come to their aid.It is because the interests of the Warcraft family are entangled too deeply that few people dare to take liberties with the Warcraft family.Perhaps a seemingly ordinary warcraft, but there is a saint – fighting strong backer.There are few powers in middle Asia who wish to offend them., of course, the three big family of warcraft is the limits of warcraft ceiling, but there are competition relations between them, nine ghost python clan the weakest deep and remote, because blood complex, nine you ghost python clan has come to the point where is at stake, many elders within the family divided, demon burn some support attached day, there is also a part of the elders support attachment too GuLongZu,Others are trying to restore the glory of the Underworld with their fists.The huang clan and the Taixu Gu Long clan are enemies, but they are no match for the Taixu Gu Long clan. The adult Taixu Gu Long clan often feeds on the Huang Clan, and the two families fight many times, each winning or losing.But after understanding deeply 3 big familial, we discover not hard, 9 quiet ground boa constrictor and too empty ancient dragon are more speak spirit of righteousness, however it is phoenix of heavenly bedevil is spurned by a person however, why is this?The treachery of the Phoenix, the chief of the Phoenix is too ambitious to unify the world of warcraft, but he does not have the strength to unify the world of Warcraft, unrealistic ideas soon cost him dearly.The phoenix phoenix repeatedly provoked Xiao Yan, in the ancient dragon taixu in danger, the phoenix phoenix resolutely sent troops, want to completely destroy the Ancient Dragon Taixu, but was blocked by Xiao Yan et al., after the phoenix day want to start on the color scale, Xiao Yan arrived in time to stop it, color scale out of the pass, the Phoenix day rout.After the event, the phoenix day and Xiao Yan reconcile relations, Xiao Yan did not embarrass the other side, but because of this thing, let a lot of people look down on the phoenix of the day demon, why should Xiao Yan choose to reconcile with the phoenix day?The reason is very simple, because Xiao Yan is sure too virtual ancient dragon will start on the phoenix tribe of the celestial demon, now Xiao Yan already and soul tribe tear the skin, if the phoenix tribe of the celestial demon help soul tribe, will undoubtedly let the loss of the Tianfu alliance to promote again, Xiao Yan and the phoenix reconciliation, let oneself less an enemy.But after the fall of the soul clan, the phoenix clan will inevitably be destroyed, the rise of the Ancient Dragon clan taixu, accounting is certain.