1 out of 6 with 2 points and 22 points!At least you have a better attitude than Westbrook

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Reverse home victory over the New York knicks, the Los Angeles lakers, after the first world war, proclaim lebron James strong back, James boom under the three pairs of data of 29 + 13 + 10 Anthony Davis has 28 points and 17 rebounds 3 steals the perfect output of 4 blocks, malik – monk boom, crazy boom 29 points, scored 18 points in the third quarter,As the most reliable third scorer alongside James and Davis, Russell Westbrook was the target of much criticism.1 out of 6 with 2 points and 22 points!At least you have a better attitude than Westbrook.After the game, anything about Westbrook was either negative or encouraging.James and Davis said in interviews that they had been supporting and encouraging Westbrook to be more decisive on the court, and Monk said after the game that he told Westbrook to keep attacking the rim.From play to be present, most people, almost reached a consensus that is less in most of the time, his performance will become the burden of the lakers, lakers coach frank vogel key moments in the fourth quarter put less on the pitch, and overtime by the effect of less embarrassing, the results also show that today’s less, have indeed doesn’t fit for the second time.Stay on the court when you have to win every shot.After dropping Westbrook in overtime, Vogel naturally needed a replacement in the same position. In addition to Trevor Ariza replacing Stanley Johnson in the starting lineup, Horton Tucker replaced Westbrook in overtime.After two minutes of overtime, when the lakers scored only two points on a fast-break dunk by James, Tucker stepped up and took the ball inside the free throw line for a beautiful layup that drew a foul from a Knicks player for a 2-and-1 chance.What you wouldn’t know, however, was that with this basket, Tucker not only scored his first athletic goal of the game, but also scored his first point of the game.Tucker had not scored any points before that.Tucker had zero points in the first quarter, zero points in the second quarter, zero points in the third quarter, zero points in the fourth quarter, and he earned vogel’s trust in overtime. Why should he have that opportunity?Defense is the biggest reason Tucker is trusted by Vogel.Tucker made just one of his six shots, including 0-for-3 from 3-point range, and finished with two points, four rebounds and three assists. He had two steals and only one turnover.Russell westbrook, who was booed at home, is the same player that lakers fans reviled. Tucker gets less criticism for one reason: when Tucker is on the court, he’s not out of position defensively, and he makes few mistakes offensively.Westbrook excused himself after the game, saying every player has a bad night.Obviously, both he and Tucker have gone through periods of being cold offensively, and that’s been the case many times this season, but Tucker just doesn’t really make the ball as much as Westbrook does. Other times, Tucker doesn’t make mistakes as often on both ends of the floor.When tucker appearances, he reached the presence of positive and negative value + 22, this for a dozen overtime game, is not often the case, although tucker full no score, but his defensive effect is very good, the knicks’ bench whole game has only scored 16 points, in contrast, their starting under 99 points.Less and tucker is touting the lakers management object, but the selling the selling, and the lakers can only tucker and sold it, because of less than wei, tucker was some transaction value, and defense, at least, his attitude is online, as long as you don’t let him go to counterpoint front players, the game tucker’s defensive efficiency is positive, the lakers team,Tucker is second only to Austin Rivers and Anthony Davis in defensive efficiency.Tucker wouldn’t have struggled so much if the lakers hadn’t played a three-guard system in the first half of the season, forcing him to match up against opposing linemen and, in many cases, switch inside players.After signing a three-year, $32 million deal with the lakers’ front office this offseason, everyone thought Tucker’s contract would be crap.Clearly, he has taken himself from one of the hottest names in the league to the next, and the only things tucker has going for him now are his age and his wingspan.The good news for the lakers is that vogel’s five players are now three forwards instead of three guards, which is a big improvement for Tucker on defense, at least his defense and attitude are not a problem.