Valentine’s Day official announcement of divorce/love brain Wu Qian, a good hand was played by her broken!

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Valentine’s Day official announcement of divorce.When getting married, engage in hidden marriage, the children are born also do not admit, finally, was photographed by paparazzi, just come to a legal license, the result of divorce, Zhang Yujian is positive to admit.Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian this pair can really twist ba.On February 14, Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian announced their divorce — Wu Qian posted a message: “Valentine’s Day for single girls”, announcing their divorce.And Zhang Yujian posted: “We are grateful for the beautiful encounter, the long road ahead, we are still the parents of our child and the closest friends of each other.”Wu Qian studio issued a statement: “Ms. Wu Qian and Mr. Zhang Yujian have peacefully ended their marriage, we will not make any response to this matter,” officially announced their divorce.Wu Qian is really a pity, gave birth to the baby after rapid aging, the light feeling is still quite love holding girl type, now stand holding Ren Min, she is not the light of the little princess.In 2017, Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian cooperated in a TV series. Some netizens came across two people shopping together and began to spread gossip.In July 2019, Zhang Yujian recorded a variety show, revealing his relationship status and saying that he was single: “I also want to find a girlfriend, but anyone who falls in love with me is just like raising a tamagotchi.In October 2019, Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian were photographed again walking arm in arm as they went shopping.In November 2019, the two of them went to the airport to pick up Wu qian’s parents and returned home together for the night.At this point, there are netizens said that Wu Qian is pregnant, is about to give birth to a child.In December 2019, some netizens said they saw Wu Qian go to the hospital for a labor check-up.In early 2020, Wu Qian gave birth to her baby.In April 2020, Wu Qian was a guest on VY’s live broadcast and frequently showed her ring finger while selling duck necks.At the time, it was assumed that she and Mr. Zhang were married, but Mr. Zhang did not respond.In March 2021, Wu Qian and her mother took her daughter to the mall to play, and was photographed, wu Qian and Zhang Yujian’s daughter exposed.By this time, Zhang Yujian had posted a microblog, admitting that he and Wu Qian were married and had a daughter, saying he had no obligation to tell netizens about his private affairs and blaming paparazzi.Zhang Yujian said did not protect the child is parents dereliction of duty, Wu Qian is now very remorse.In December 2021, online rumors spread that Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian had divorced.On Valentine’s Day 2022, Wu qianfa posed with her daughter, admitting her divorce.Zhang Yujian posted on weibo that he and Wu Qian are still each other’s closest friends.Zhang Yujian, Wu Qian finally separated, it is a pity, Wu Qian a good hand, she was playing badly.Net friend hot discussion Wu Qian: the first should not get married, at that time her heat and card leading Zhang Yujian a lot;The second early should divorce, was delayed the popular career, but also not the recognition of the man.There is no romantic wedding, no considerate care, no little bit of warmth, just gave you a whine to feed the children, received a free red book, you will be touched not, this is not love, this is one-sided pay…Since the divorce, alone beautiful bar!Wu Qian, love brain silly girl.Remember, Wu Qian before looking very lovely, very young, later, after giving birth to the child play TV series, if it were not to see the bullet screen, really didn’t recognize, a lot of old feeling, in order to Zhang Yujian this male head, really not worth it, she before the resources are very good.Wu Qian married Zhang Yujian, belong to the “three without” marriage: no official publicity, no wedding, no sun, even the birth of the daughter are covered up – this section of feelings, it seems that in addition to her self feel, everyone is not optimistic!And Zhang Yujian die stubborn single person set, in addition to Wu Qian, really do not know which love brain silly girl like him.Zhang Yujian if there are works, road popularity may also be able to better point, handsome point girlfriend powder can help you wash the square, black can wash into white.But this elder brother is want what have no what, the only work that have a little water is still the woman to carry sedan chair for you, limit person set also overturned bar.The hot topic of these two days: Du Jiang and Huo Siyan were envied as immortal couples by netizens before;Wu Qian by netizens choreographed as Zhang Yujian abducted to have children ignorant girls.Okay, one suspected cheating, one divorced, the former exceeding expectations, the latter achieving goals.Someone said: If you’re in a relationship with someone and you feel like the world is trying to stop you, the world is here to save you. Run!