Shangqiu city on the emergency closure of the city’s out-of-school training institutions notice!

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Education and Sports Bureau of each county (city, district) and Science, Education, Culture and Sports Bureau of the Municipal Demonstration Area of Urban-rural Integration:To seriously implement the provincial epidemic prevention and control work video conference spirit education system, further strengthen school management training institutions, to protect the city’s primary and middle school students’ life safety and to prevent the epidemic spreading on campus, combined with the current epidemic situation, zhuhai for emergency shut down the city’s various off-campus training institutions related matters notice is as follows:From now on, all off-campus training institutions in the city will be temporarily shut down (including non-disciplinary ones), and all teaching and training activities will be stopped.In accordance with the principle of “who is responsible for examination and approval, who is in charge and who is in charge of governance”, the education administrative departments of all counties (cities and districts) should promptly carry out the “dragnet” screening in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control work.In accordance with laws and regulations, we will severely investigate and punish disciplinary off-campus training in such invisible forms as consultation, cultural communication, “one-to-one”, “one-to-many”, “domestic service”, “live-in teacher”, and “crowdfunding private education”.Institutions and individuals who violate the regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control will be severely punished.In accordance with the principle of territorial management, epidemic prevention and control measures are strictly implemented to ensure that work requirements are not mere formalities.We will give full play to the joint prevention and control mechanism of departments and take effective measures to explain the situation to the society, students and their parents.The opening time of off-campus training institutions will be subject to further notice depending on the epidemic prevention and control situation.All departments at all levels should promptly enter the new emergency state of epidemic prevention and control, give full play to the grid management and daily supervision mechanism according to the division of responsibilities, and build a solid defense line of epidemic prevention and control.Those counties (cities, districts), departments, training institutions, schools and relevant responsible persons who caused the spread of COVID-19 in Our city due to their failure to fulfill their responsibilities and take inadequate measures will be held accountable in accordance with relevant regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control.March 17, 2022, Special Team Office in the Field of Education of SHANGqiu COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters