Middle examination mathematics | multiple midpoints appear or parallel + midpoints, construct the triangle median line to solve the problem

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When multiple midpoints appear or parallel + midpoints, the construction of triangle midpoint line to solve problems in the middle of the examination of mathematical geometry problems according to the actual conditions can not be thought of breakthrough, often use some simple models.With the help of existing conditions, after making auxiliary line, the whole problem solving idea will appear reverse.Such a basic model is very common in mathematical geometry, but also a major difficulty in the learning process.When this kind of problem appears, it is often listed as the more difficult question type by the students, and most of the students recoiled from it.But for the students who are about to take an examination of junior high school, it is necessary to focus on learning and breakthrough.After all, geometry, as one of the major parts of junior high school mathematics, involves a wide range.In the investigation of its wide range of knowledge, some common auxiliary types and skills, it is very worth breaking through.In addition to their mathematical thinking ability to improve, want to open a gap with other students, this is one of the easier content.In junior high school mathematics geometry part of the practice of auxiliary line, and not all types are more difficult.Even if you don’t have the ability to do the whole thing, it’s very easy to get a very good score with this kind of thinking.Among the types of auxiliary lines, one kind is called more obvious, and we learn knowledge points associated with the auxiliary line.The other type is the hard part, which involves more complicated methods and knowledge.However, in the process of self-breakthrough and mathematical ability improvement, it is relatively easy to master the first type of auxiliary line.Today, Tang teacher will tell you that if there is an end point in the triangle, you can construct the median line of the triangle.This auxiliary line method that connects what we have learned.It’s relatively simple, as long as you have a good grasp of the median line of a triangle.Principle, so use it can save a lot of time.The application environment of the median line of a triangle needs to know the midpoints on both sides of the triangle of the three in the problem, and the method of making the auxiliary line is to connect the two midpoints, so that the line segment can be parallel to the third side, and its length is half of the third side. At the same time, due to the parallel relationship, the triangle similarity can be proportional to the line segment.Then from the auxiliary line in the triangle we can find the length of the line segment or the area of the relationship is very convenient.Through the above of the triangle contains the analysis of the midpoint of the auxiliary line model, the main approach and the use conditions, the students must bear in mind that in practical applications, as long as meet the conditions, can connect the halfway point of the two lines, using the median line of the triangle conclusions accordingly.Believe that everyone in understanding level, think this part is simpler, but in practical application process, each type of student performance each are not identical, so the students can through the following specific practice, the application of auxiliary line for triangle median line model, see in the actual application of this model could be used, but guides for efficient problem solving.In the process of several kinds of antithesis, try to focus on each condition, if there is no way for the question after reading, shall be repeated to analyze every condition, look have suitable conditions for guides and application environment, is very effective in improving the geometry questions their thinking one way.After practicing the above questions, if you still have doubts about the way to solve the questions, you can refer to the following problem-solving process to see whether the condition analysis is not in place in the process of analysis, or the application of the method is not very skilled, and find your weaknesses as soon as possible.In a word, in geometry, when there are multiple end points or parallel and end points, if the method of auxiliary line should give priority to the median line of the triangle, which is more useful for forming the idea of solving the problem.At the same time, it also reminds you that when solving geometric problems, every valid condition in the problem is very helpful for the formation of the idea of solving the problem.When the problem is not sure, no clue, should repeatedly consider the conditions in the problem, to see whether you can do auxiliary line to solve the problem.