Jingmen police raid yellow foot bath shop, arrested 8 people on the spot

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On January 10, 2022, the special action of “Thunder Fire 2022” was deployed by Jingmen Public Security Bureau to crack down on prominent public security problems. Dongbao Branch of Jingmen Public Security Bureau took action immediately upon hearing the order, wielded a sharp sword and struck a heavy fist, combined social prevention and control with cracking down on prominent crimes, launched a fierce offensive and achieved initial results.In order to further purify the social atmosphere and create a good social security environment, Dongbao Public Security bureau, with the satisfaction of the masses and social stability as the starting point, carried out a concentrated crackdown on illegal and criminal activities related to pornography, and a number of criminals have been arrested.In early January, longquan police station police learned clues in the early work, xiangshan Avenue a foot bath shop involved in the phenomenon.After understanding this situation, the institute attaches great importance to it and quickly organizes police force to carry out preliminary investigation and obtaining evidence.At 8 o ‘clock on January 10, the arrest time is ripe, Longquan police station in the branch of the case investigation center under the strong support, gathered more than 20 elite police, the yellow foot bath shop launched a raid on the spot, arrested criminal suspects 8 people.After continuous struggle to carry out the trial, the eight involved in the criminal facts have confessed to their own.At present, Li mou, Deng Mou 2 people are detained by criminal law;Luo mou, Ma mou, Liu mou 3 people were given administrative detention according to law;Hu mou, Zhong mou, Liu so-and-so 3 people were given the administrative penalty of fine in accordance with the law, the case is being handled further.Tuen Police street, fast breaking small people’s livelihood small people’s livelihood small case is not underestimated, fast detection fast breaking warm people.Longquan Police Station has carried out the practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses”. From the immediate interests of the masses, it has made every effort to solve small cases, protect the people’s livelihood, respond to the concerns of the masses and safeguard the interests of the masses.On January 10, 15 PM, li mou in jingmen, dongbao district gold shrimp road a phone shop to buy second-hand mobile phones as required and proved, then when the shop owner huang, when serving other customers will flee after 2 apple mobile phone stolen, the owner found timely report to the police, after is jurisdiction to carry out the work of community police together with wai hai hui police station police force, less than 10 minutes, man was able.Then Longquan police station immediately launched an investigation and evidence collection, the first time fixed the relevant evidence.In the face of hard evidence, Pan truthfully confessed to his theft of mobile phone illegal facts.At present, Pan mou has been given administrative detention 10 days of punishment.P community, the community screening risks while jurisdiction, longquan police station to advance professional community police, the police in community, combining with the characteristics of winter the security situation, a community cadres, area residents to participate screening side disputes and risks, a focus on a batch of order point, eliminate social security hidden danger earnestly.On January 5, Longquan Police Station and Jingmen Dongbao District fire rescue brigade carried out investigation and rectification of fire hazards in key places under their jurisdiction.In the inspection, a total of 20 hidden dangers were found, issued 4 orders for rectification notice, on-site supervision and rectification of 16 hidden dangers, timely found and eliminated some potential fire safety risks.In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic before the Spring Festival, China will continue to crack down on all kinds of crimes with high pressure to ensure the overall security and stability of society.On January 11, Longquan police station again focused on the police to carry out a special operation of “inspection and rectification” to all the mahjong parlors and chess and card rooms under its jurisdiction. They also publicized the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control on the spot, advised the gathering of onlookers, and guided residents to further improve their awareness of self-prevention and consciously refrain from participating in any form of gathering activities.In the action, a total of 5 mahjong, criticism education owners 3 people, demobilize the masses 20 people.Source: Ping an Dongbao