Zhang Jianhui: The protection, inheritance and promotion of excellent history and culture constantly highlight the new charm of the ancient city

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On February 15, the Taiwan news, party secretary jian-hui zhang to research the ancient city of historical and cultural protection of huaiyang area, emphasizes to strengthen the huaiyang the ancient city of the protection of historical and cultural heritage to carry forward, to lead to the continuation of historical context, relying on the ancient city of huaiyang actively declare national historical and cultural city, to create “moral city charm, zhoukou” provide strong support.Municipal Standing committee, municipal secretary General Liu Shengli, Vice mayor Wang Hongwu to participate in the investigation.The historic district is the most precious mark and wealth left by history to a city.In Huaiyang Xiangetai Historical Block, Qinglian Street historical Block, People’s Street historical Block and Taihaoling historical Block, Zhang Jianhui walked along the streets to inspect the texture of the old city, deeply understood the style and pattern of the historic block, and stopped to communicate with relevant personnel from time to time to discuss the ideas and measures of the protection of the historic block.He stressed that the historical block protection and inheritance, more attention must be paid to highlight the charm of ancient city, pay attention to culture continuance, synthetically considering the surrounding factors such as traffic, people life journey, fusion, to create both city features and fireworks, there are both cultural background and historical block of modern vitality, make the city a memory, let people remember the homesickness.Later, Zhang Jianhui presided over a symposium, listening to huaiyang historical and cultural protection planning report, Huaiyang District Longhu key project construction report.Zhang Jianhui stressed that we should adhere to the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening the protection of historical relics and inheriting and carrying forward the excellent Traditional Chinese culture as the fundamental follow, always with awe, focus on strengthening the protection, inheritance and carrying forward the historical culture of Huaiyang Ancient City, so that huaiyang Ancient City will glow with new vitality and vitality in the new era.According to the relevant deployment requirements of building “moral city and charming Zhoukou” proposed by the second Plenary session of the fifth Session of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, huaiyang Ancient City as an important support, actively declare the national historical and cultural city, quickly form a special working class, adhere to the linkage, left and right coordination, overall promotion.We should adhere to the guidance of planning, carry out high-level protection planning of Huaiyang historic and cultural city, clarify planning ideas, sort out cultural context, carefully polish, form consensus, and ensure that the protection planning is forward-looking, scientific and operational.We should adhere to systematic thinking, connect points into lines, and lead areas with lines. We should not only pay attention to presenting the overall style of the ancient city, but also pay attention to the protection and construction of historical blocks, key projects and important nodes, and bring all the historical blocks, historical and cultural remains, ancient buildings, ancient trees and famous trees in the region of Huaiyang Ancient City into the planning.The historical relics of the ancient city, the dragon Lake, the shore, the square and the buildings around the lake reflect each other and integrate into one, highlighting huaiyang’s solemn urban image of blending ancient and modern.To highlight the cultural inheritance and in line with the attitude of responsibility for history, responsible to the people, in-depth excavation of the ancient city of historical and cultural connotation and era value, with distinct historical and cultural axis series history, celebrities, such as books, folk culture resources, show the ancient city of huaiyang unique cultural attributes to the greatest extent, further enrich the cultural connotation, continuation of the urban context, zhoukou, a good story.To adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, through the ancient city protection of perfecting the urban infrastructure and public service facilities, strive to solve the problem of distress sorrow to build in chang outreach and livable appropriate industry of transportation network should swim beautiful homes, let people have a strong sense of well-being, access and sense of belonging,The ancient city of Huaiyang really into a distant charm of the ancient city.Zhou Kou Radio and Television rong media reporter Li Sen Zhang Liang