“Soldier reporter” goes to the grassroots during Spring Festival to reveal the “special” Spring Festival of “silent comrade-in-arms”

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Wen/figure?They can’t speak, but a look, a command, an action can understand, a touch, a hug, a praise can make it happy for a long time.Loyalty is rooted in the soul of the background, every mission even if the mountains and the sea of fire, they will march forward bravely, fearless, at any time to trust each other’s life, they are an indispensable unit in the military combat system, we share the joys and sorrows, comrade-in-arms, it is our “silent comrade-in-arms” — police dogs!Police dog, the soldier’s most loyal and brave comrades-in-arms, it is a kind of animal with high nerve activity function, the ability to distinguish gas is tens of thousands of times higher than ordinary people, hearing can be 16 times of people, wide field of vision, weak light ability, good at observing things at night.After professional training, they can take explosion-proof security check, patrol alert, tracking arrest, search and rescue, communication carrying a variety of tasks, the execution of the task, the action is fast and powerful, in front of the instructor but roll around in a jiao, lovely lovely.This is our lovely “silent comrade”.On January 31, the 29th day of the 12th lunar month, which is also the “New Year’s Eve”, wu Haoran, a soldier reporter from shandong Armed Police Corps mobile Detachment, came to the only police dog class early on this day to reveal the “special” Spring Festival of this group of special “comrades”.Just entered the door of the police dog class, the incessant barking of dogs.The first thing that catches your eye is two rows of neat “police dog dormitory”, outside the open air “sunshine room”, inside the “one bedroom” warm in winter and cool in summer, appear particularly warm.Through the introduction of the trainer Zhou Xianjun, the original police dog dormitory hygiene standards are stricter than ours, daily disinfection and regular sanitation treatment is an essential process.”This is not, today is New Year’s Eve, Hao Ran, help us with the layout of the camp, let you experience the warmth from the police dog class, ha ha…” before I carefully visit, has been “from familiar” Zhou handler “control” up.▲ Figure left for “soldier reporter” Wu Haoran is and comrades in arms to decorate the atmosphere say dry!We pasted paper-cuts, Spring Festival couplets and colorful flags… soon, the camp was decorated with a full flavor of the New Year.”Hao Ran, help us take a photo, haven’t taken photos for a long time, you go to get the camera, I will bring the police dogs.”In this way, I was “dominated” again before I had a rest.”One, two, three, eggplant!”Finished pictures, I think around the camp, before also and said her trainer chacaliaza, found decorating their camps, suddenly filled with a tense atmosphere…… originally, is a police dog training time, because the task requires, the dogs are the Spring Festival is not comfortable and relaxed, on the contrary, the more near the Chinese New Year holidays, the more onerous task,They have to step up training for the Spring Festival.On the training ground, all kinds of police dog training equipment are lined up, one by one the powerful and handsome, well-trained police dogs play, according to the instructions of the trainer to make all kinds of precise movements, showing their special skills.Suddenly a shiver, always feel a chill from the back out, look back, see the police dog “Rocky” bright eyes, two ears standing upright in the dead staring at the suspected “intruder” I, as if MY next little action it will not hesitate to attack the same… “Rocky!One of us!”At the command of zhou Xianjun, police dog Loki instantly dropped his guard and wagged his tail to me, as if to say: “Sorry, professional habit…” Then Squad leader Zhou introduced police dog Jin Ling to me and showed her explosive search skills: accurate explosive search!About 10 boxes were placed on the floor, only one of which contained explosives for the drill, while the others contained canned canines and distractions.At the beginning of the exhibition, Jin Ling rushed out immediately and circled around the training ground. Instantly, she locked the target position and lay down to warn us to come quickly, there was “explosive”.Zhou Xianjun and I said, “Although there are a lot of high-tech equipment, which can help us solve all kinds of difficult cases and emergencies, in some special tasks and crowded places, some high-tech equipment is not useful, and the police dog has an irreplaceable role in the detection and completion of these tasks.”After the demonstration, continue training.In daily training, Zhou Xianjun was always merciless and unselfish. Every day, he would take Jin Ling to practice obstacle jumping, explosive searching and other practical subjects. Even if there was a slight movement that was not qualified, a little obstacle was not smooth, he would pass it over and over again until he passed it successfully.At first glance, still think “big kid” in qi!”When a dog is two or three months old, it starts to be trained by the handler. After about a year of training, it can become a qualified police dog after passing various examinations.”Zhou Xianjun has been engaged in dog training for 13 years. As an introvert, he rarely talks about police dog training.”A movement, seemingly simple, requires thousands of times of teaching and consolidation.”If a police dog does not practice what he has learned, he will forget it over time. This is why repeated, targeted training is necessary to make the dog more useful in the task.”After the morning training, zhou said to me, “I spend more time with Jin Ling than my family every day. No matter in daily training, playing, bathing and feeding, we are the only one the police dogs often contact, so they rely on us very much, which makes the daily training more cooperative.”During the Spring Festival this year, because the job task is different, we need to carry a police dog rushed to the railway station, airport and other areas to carry out the duty patrol, although can’t go home for the holiday, but have it with me, I don’t feel lonely…… “this is, in the elbow, Zhou Xianjun body were the group of” comrades “left many traces, scars,But it’s more about memories.”Sometimes he bit the ball on his arm, and it bit him in many places.” Zhou Xianjun’s face showed his love for Jin Ling. After all, they have been together for 6 years, just as we often say, “Pain and happiness, you don’t understand.You go, by my guard, you do not go, WITH me.This year is the Year of the Tiger, the handlers bought a lot of dog “pork belly, beef, mutton” for everyone. Although I can’t go home for the Spring Festival and family reunion, the organization also agreed to let family visit, but we want to spend a special year with the police dog.Although the Spring Festival is approaching, the old tradition of holiday combat readiness and holiday system can not be lost, not to mention that our police dogs should be in combat readiness 24 hours a day, and can ensure immediate disposal at any time when there is a task.But the handlers also prepared a “Spring Festival gift package” for the dogs.Due to the large amount of training of police dogs, we humans run one kilometer is equivalent to the strength of police dogs run three kilometers, so they also prepare high nutrition and high protein food for the police dogs, especially during the Spring Festival to prepare enough fish, meat and other high-energy food.To replenish their strength;At the same time, we also bought a lot of snacks for them. After all, it is Chinese New Year, we eat well, they must be the same as us.After a hearty meal, the police dogs all went back to their “one-bedroom” for a lunch break.At half past one in the afternoon, the camp rang out the wake-up call on time, when I dressed neatly from the class dormitory, found that the police dogs had gone out early lined up standing next to the instructor, thinking of a chase training, my heart began to flop flop disorderly jump, couldn’t help but nervous, don’t ask me why,When I was armed as a “target suspect” according to the requirements of the trainer, Zhou Xianjun has been guiding me, let me relax, do not be nervous, do not be afraid.Myself hiding in a simulated building, thinking that I might be able to escape their “chase”, but I still underestimate the group of “fearless warrior…… see rocky to the criminal suspect the smell of the legacy of evidence carefully a few,” sou “ran out, with a blunt to come over in my direction and bite on my arm,With my eyes closed, I almost fell over. Fortunately, I was wearing heavy protective clothing, without which my arm would have been “useless”.Later I could not help but think that those criminals want to escape under the eyes of our “magic dog army”, it is simply whimsical.As the sky was getting dark and the day’s training finally came to an end, my arms were aching and I wanted to find a place to have a rest. When we went back to the camp, I suddenly found that some of the handlers with police dogs were already rushing to the station and the mission site to prepare for the first duty of the New Year.At home, the handlers and police dogs have begun to prepare for the arrival of the New Year. Although the police dogs can not speak, their every move is full of excitement and joy, as if it can feel the temperature of our Spring Festival.After dinner, Zhou Xianjun told me, “I haven’t been home for The Spring Festival for nearly eight years, but I don’t feel sorry, because I have them as our company and we are very grateful to them.”Perhaps this is the reason why soldiers and police dogs are hard to part with… The author’s handwritten interview at the grass-roots level made me feel a lot, further understanding of the particularity of their posts, and more personally experienced their difficulties.Especially when he was bitten as a “target suspect”, the fear in the heart is unforgettable, not to mention the trainers’ daily training risk factor is high, a little attention or not timely control of the angry police dog, will be bitten.Squad leader Zhou told me that they were used to this kind of injury. If the dog trainer was not injured himself, how could he teach the dog to identify his comrades and enemies? He could not give orders and come at a moment’s notice to fight and win the battle.(This article is the original article of Shandong Armed Police, reprint please contact authorization) Supervisor: Zhu Chuanqiang Editor: Li Qingling Wang Yihai Responsible editor: Yang Yiming duty editor: Chen Shanshan contribute email: sdwj_new@163.com xiaobian wechat: SM20181207