Rural red and white wedding ceremony with too much, left-behind the old man straight call really helpless, such progress or backward?

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In the countryside, town, who has a big or small, with a gift, especially some weddings, funerals, people to gift money to, even if less than, also will certainly to gift money, rural important ways of the world, rural people often say that living, have to be someone, in recent years, rural men leave go out to work, home and leave the old guard their own worlds,The worldly wisdom in the home depends entirely on rural old people to maintain, left-behind old people call out true helpless, what reason in the end?Originally, the countryside seven aunts eight aunts relatives and friends are also many, you look at the countryside, a family wedding, at least more than a hundred people?Let’s say 200 people, for example?Is masterpiece, 200 families, if the family old man was sick, or gave birth to a child, or children admitted to a university, or buy a house, a series of events such as weddings, funerals, to attend, or with the ritual, choke refers to calculate, is such a huge thing, only 365 days a year, if not to the rural elderly farming, no housework, also enough to run,We don’t say expenses and expenses first, calculate the time account first, rural elderly taste but not helpless?I also communicate with several rural elderly, the heart in the village of Trinidad and Tobago, all the year round, they say, have to go to, the cost is also big, don’t go and resistance, however, children go out to work, we’re older, can’t run, but in the face of the village neighborhood around the neighborhood and distant relatives, must contact more, don’t and don’t kissed, alas!Life is not easy, from the words of the rural elderly, it can be understood, helpless, we for the rural red and white wedding ceremony with too much, how do you with the ceremony?What are the new ideas and views?We can help more people with our ideas. Can we discuss it?Personally, I think the problem of following gifts really brings pressure to the elderly in rural areas. From an economic perspective, it is a consumption. If I take a gift with the same price for you and you give it back to me, it consumes labor and time.Of course, we can’t generalize the relationship between people, not only reflected in the economic level, but also relatives, friendship, love, some things are not measured by money, which shows the complexity of the world.However, for today’s young people, after 70’s do not want to visit relatives, after 80’s do not want to visit relatives, after 90’s will not visit relatives, for these subtle changes, what is your opinion?Rural red and white wedding ceremony with too much, left-behind the old man straight call really helpless, such progress or regression?Deficiencies please give a lot of guidance to supplement, remember to angelica village new nongge comment message attention, thank you!