Parents buy a house, the child does the policy of reimbursement person jointly, how many do you know?

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Our parents, when young, unremitting efforts, a great motivation is to give their children a comfortable and prosperous living environment.Now that we have grown up, they are slowly losing their ability to work.So we take over the responsibilities of the family and do our best to give them a safe haven so that they can have a place to rest in their old age.Companionship is necessary, and a good living environment is also an objective requirement.To provide parents with a complete set of living conditions, medical conditions, is the primary consideration of many people when buying a house.Moreover, assets can also be preserved and appreciated, which is beneficial to all members of a family.As a result, many children actively buy a house for their parents when conditions allow.Our past experience is full of such cases.Assets preservation Ms. Dafa Wang’s divorce has been going on for nearly a year, and she has been wrestling with “that man” for a long time over the custody of her children.As a mother, you can’t back down on the custody of your child.However, to fight for this right, it takes a great deal of energy and a long time to prove their ability to support.So in the preparation of “battle” at the same time, the work can not be ignored, in order to ensure their economic strength.In order to have their own house in the future, Ms. Wang is also actively looking at the house, so as to avoid the end of the lawsuit, homeless, let their parents and children follow their own rental.Since the lawsuit is not over yet, I do not know when to wait for the effective judgment. The house needs to be prepared in advance, and it may rise a lot in a few months.So we helped her figure out how to put her new property in her father’s name to avoid being implicated.Tip: Before the divorce is completed, the assets and liabilities of both parties are not clear, it is not appropriate to add new property under the name, so as to avoid the execution of the property, causing unnecessary trouble and loss.The down payment on the parents’ property is protected by law as long as it proves that it was not made from the couple’s joint assets during the marriage.Beijing has a policy for the only child who holds a Beijing hukou: if the parents of an only child are registered permanent residence in other places and have retired, they can follow their children to apply for a Beijing hukou;After officially becoming a Beijing hukou, parents are also eligible to buy a house.This is equal to the family to increase two extremely precious “room ticket”.This policy of parents buying houses and children making joint repayment is called relay loan.Banks have different requirements for relay loans.(1) The maximum age limit for parents is generally 65 years, and the maximum age limit is 80 years;(2) The parent provides the pension and the child provides the income statement, which can be used as the joint financial resources to prove the repayment source;(3) The parent’s loan record is the only criterion to judge whether the loan is a first or second.As long as There is no room in Beijing, the record of national loan can be identified as the first set.(4) Although the child’s loan record is not the criterion, excessive debt also needs more money to cover.Therefore, as co-payers, it is advisable to ensure that their credit information is good, and their income flow should be able to cover more than 2 times the monthly payment of liabilities.The loan can be lent to parents for 25 years, the conditions are good, generally own a house, most have done the loan, and then buy a house according to the loan policy belongs to the second house, not only the loan amount is low, the interest rate is also a certain gap with the first house.Parents do not have a house, there is no record of loans, the house to the parents is wise.According to the policy of the bank, only the loan record of the owner of the house and parents, the child does common repayment person, not the loan record of the child as a standard.So, can enjoy the first set of loan policy.Mr. Liang and his wife have been in Beijing for more than 20 years. They are both members of the system. In their early years, when the housing price was low, they decisively bought a self-housing.With the birth of their children, the parents came to Live together in Beijing. The original small house was no longer enough for a family of six, so they decided to buy a flat for their mother-in-law, who moved with their hukou.The couple, who are co-borrowers, took out the loan for 25 years at the first interest rate of 5.2%, even though her mother-in-law is 70 years old.The parents-in-law also have a company operating income in other places. With the income of the couple, repayment is very easy, which improves the living environment of the family.Regarding the disposal of parents’ property, the house belongs to the common property of parents in terms of property rights. If there are brothers and sisters, the rights and interests of the investors need to be considered, so as to avoid the uneven division of subsequent property, resulting in litigation.If it is necessary to stipulate the proportion of capital contribution in advance, you can save a lot of trouble in the subsequent inheritance of the house.They raise us, we give them endowment, wish all parents can enjoy their old age!