Enhanced 4G connectivity?Phone booths also have useful uses

2022-05-29 0 By

According to Neowin, operator Vodafone has revealed that it is using phone booths across the UK to boost the performance and reliability of 4G connections.In Bournemouth, London, Reading and Winchester, the kiosks have been fitted with tiny 4G devices – the nature of the hardware means capacity has been boosted without more chaos on the streets.Speaking about the new hardware, Andrea Dona, Vodafone UK’s network and development director, said: “Using these phone booths to accommodate tiny 4G technology means we can keep up with demand and make the most of the existing structures on our streets.Adding more 4G coverage is important to us and our customers as we prepare to shut down older 3G systems next year.”The company says it has installed the tiny 4G technology in nine phone booths in the aforementioned areas.Vodafone expects data demand to continue to grow as more people turn to data-hogging services like TikTok and YouTube.Innovative measures, such as turning phone booths into 4G transmitters, will help handle the data load.While nine phone booths may not sound like much, Vodafone has previously deployed similar technology at booths in Brighton, Edwards, Edinburgh, Guildford, Harrow, Oxford, Polzeth Beach and Sennencove Beach.